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  1. Nikon and Canon cameras have changeable picture control settings that can be changed in raw photos. Can AP allow us to have the option to change that setting as LR does ie. Portrait, Landscape, vivid, monochrome, etc.
  2. I bought the new AP WORKBOOK but cannot find where I download project files to work along with the book lessons. The affin.co doesn’t work. Also bought AP Desktop and mobile app before starting an account so no downloads ass for the book are there when I sign in. Thanks Sharon Winter
  3. Hi,

    i bought AP a few months ago and have version 1.5.2 on my desktop. it works and boots up but i went to the Apple app store and it says no updates. i am trying to upload the free content and update but need help. thanks


    1. MEB


      Hi swinterschorr,

      Welcome to Affinity Forums :)


      To update the app go to the Mac App Store app (make sure you are logged in with the same Apple ID used to buy the application), go to the Updates section and try the following:

      - press (cmd) + R to refresh the Updates page


      If the updates still don't appear:

      - sign out of the Mac App Store, then sign-in again and check if the updates are already there


      If it also fails:

      - drag the application from the applications folder to the Trash and empty it, then reinstall the app again from the Mac App Store. It will install the latest version.

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