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  1. I've had this problem before and I thought I had found the answer in the past, but I'm having a hard time tracking it down... Sorry if this is a repeat. I accidentally hit some keyboard shortcut a few days ago that made all of the crap outside of my document boundaries show instead of "cropping" it to the art board. Does anyone know what keyboard shortcut I need to use to reverse this? I can't stand working on website mockups when all of this is showing. :blink:
  2. I'm having this issue as well. If I try to use % height, it completely screws up the paragraph leading dropdown and I can no longer set it, except by exact points or default.
  3. Thanks MEB! I figured it was super simple, I just wasn't finding the answer.
  4. I feel like this is a dumb question, but I made some document guides by dragging over from the rulers, and now I can't seem to figure out how to delete them. :wacko: How do I do this quick and easy?
  5. I'm having trouble with creating new, custom styles on my Affinity Designer... I can see the style panel and use the default styles just fine, but if I select an object and either A.) Right click and choose "Create Style" or B.) Click the menu on the Styles panel and choose "Add Style from selection", absolutely nothing happens. I don't get a pop-up, notification, or anything. Nothing new shows up in the Styles panel, and nothing happens on my document either. I even tried making a new Styles category and adding there and it does the exact same thing - nothing. Not sure if this is a bug, or if I'm just completely missing something.
  6. Thanks for sharing this tutorial! I've been having a hard time adjusting to the new workflow of AD from Illustrator and simple tutorials like this are great for getting the hang of using the tools.
  7. MEB, Thanks for your quick reply. I feel really silly about this one haha. Maybe I'm not in the right mode or area, but I don't see any "Selection" button in the contextual menu for the Pen Tool.. Here's a screenshot of my Pen Tool menu:
  8. This is probably a pretty silly question, but I'm having a pretty hard time with it... I have a custom vector path on top of a rasterized image. I want to use that custom vector path as a selection outline... How do I convert that veto into a selection marquee? I feel like I'm either overthinking this or it's not possible in Affinity... I tried using the selection brush and lasso tool, but I'm not able to produce the same results with my shape, effectively. Any thoughts?
  9. I'm definitely missing my smooth tool from Illustrator right now. I love the amount of control I have over the individual anchor points in Designer, but sometimes its very hard to get them exactly where they need be for a smooth shape! Some sort of smoothing feature would be a great addition!
  10. Just ran into a need for this today... I make website mockups in Designer, and wrapping paragraphs of text around images is very common in my workflow. I don't do much print work, so I have no real need to buy Publisher along with Designer.
  11. LilleG, that worked, thank you! I always forget that there are extra options when using the "fill" tool.
  12. Great! The contextual menu is definitely helpful. Thank you, Hokusai! My current issue is that I have a gradient of which I want to create a swatch of each endpoint color. When I pick the colors for the endpoints, I was trying to drag the endpoint color from the gradient color picker panel over to my document swatches... Check out my screenshot for a better explanation :unsure: You can see that I circled the color that I want to make into a swatch in red, on the left. I haven't found an easy way to move those endpoint colors over to the swatch panel, and I figured drag & drop would be the most convenient feature to add!
  13. I'd like to be able to to select an object, then be able to click and drag its fill or stroke color down into the swatches. Likewise, being able to drag a shape with a certain color into the swatches and it creates a new swatch would be very useful. Maybe there is a way to do something similar to this and I just haven't found it? I've been having the hardest time with creating new swatches.
  14. Bummer! I understand though. Thanks for taking a look at my files. I can make due with exporting JPEGs and PNGs for now. I've been able to incorporate Affinity into my daily workflow pretty well and I'm very impressed so far. You guys are doing an awesome job! :D I look forward to getting the new updates.
  15. Currently, I paste my text into my Terminal or Text Edit program and that strips all formatting. That seems to work ok, however I'd like to not have to take that extra step. Like I mentioned before, I used to create a text style in Illustrator, then anything I pasted into that paragraph would adopt those styles automatically. This was a huge part of my workflow and sped it up quite a bit. At the very least, I'd like to have a very quick "remove formatting" or "paste as plain text" button in Affinity. That would take out the extra step of pasting my text into another program first.
  16. Just sent an email with the files. Thank you!
  17. I'm having a similar issue with PDF exporting. I'm trying to export a PDF with a rasterized background images, and it exports the document without the background images, or messes the images up. Here's the PDF vs. a JPEG which exported properly: BlogHomeMockup.pdf
  18. Was there any implementation of a "paste as plain text" feature like what was discussed on this thread? I'm having an issue right now where I copied some text from a website and it has a background "highlighter" color applied to it that I can't seem to remove. Maybe there's something I'm missing that lets me reset text formatting? I very often copy text from sites, then paste them into text blocks that are already styled on my document. Now, rather than keeping my documents text formatting, it adopts the formatting from the copied text.
  19. Bumping this! I'm extremely interested in seeing more about this topic. I have TONS of Illustrator files that I've created in the past that have elements outside of the artboard. I would like to at least be able to view them in another mode on Affinity. For example, I create web page mockups in Illustrator. I like to have the actual mockup on the artboard with all of my small graphic elements around it in the workspace. Same goes for logo designs - I will run through 5 or 6 concepts of a logo in the workspace, then just wrap the one I want in an artboard to export it for the client. In order for this program to become my "Illustrator Killer" I need to be able to fully work with my old files. Affinity will work great for making new files and I can begin to make the switch, but I need to run Illustrator along side it for my pre-existing files, for now.
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