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  1. I never received the email either - thanks, Toltec, for sharing the link! (hopefully) All signed up now!
  2. MtnArch

    Neon Kit for Affinity Designer

    No issues with the file here - but I also gave up on McAfee long, long ago. Thanks for sharing the file, Affinity Templates!
  3. MtnArch

    Affinity Photo 1.5 has launched!

    Purchased the Windows version, but the e-mail I received announcing it said: Plus! Extra bonus offer As if the discounted price wasn’t enough we are also giving away a pack of Macros designed specifically for use with Affinity Photo. Everyone ordering in the first two weeks get this fantastic pack for free – you’ll receive a download link for them in your order confirmation! Didn't receive any download link with the purchase confirmation ... did I miss something?