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  1. Thanks Wonderings. As you say, things can go (very) wonky when "importing" PDFs into Publisher. I have just tried Walt's suggestion for importing a few pages. With the PDF I tried, created from a WORD document, Publisher successfully imported the relevant pages, but randomly lost spaces: "This Little Piggy went to market" became "ThisLittlePiggywent to market": and each line of text is independently editable. So next it's a matter of testing different SAVE AS and PRINT options from WORD, using assorted PDF formats etc. etc. I like it better when it just WORKS - like PPX9 🥰
  2. Thanks Walt, I don't want to distract you with my Font woes until I know I have them! But I actually pulled the InDesign example out of the pit! I could equally well have said WORD. It might mainly be PDFs that have been emailed to me and I can blame somebody else🤨. I haven't done my research yet, but it's good to know that it's not necessarily ME. Thanks anyway ...
  3. Thanks Walt - I can always rely on you. Don't know how you do it! I'll try that. It's always gratifying to find that it's not just me - though my list of "not just me" is getting disturbingly long. Do I work differently from the rest of the World? (rhetorical). My next investigation was going to be the absence of fonts - I write something in InDesign, export a PDF, Open the PDF in AfPub and am told all the fonts are missing. I am just starting to wonder where AfPup gets its fonts from, if not from my Windows10 Font Library: or its back to that amazing package - PagePlusX9. Thanks again
  4. The project is to make manuals of 'n' chapters by stitching together the individual chapters for each topic. It has to be easy !!! I want to place/import/insert open a multi page PDF in an AfPub document. Maybe select pages within the PDF to insert. Can I find out how?? Basically, I just want to do what PagePlusX9 does with <Insert> <Publication> <Options> <Insert All pages>. There I can add any part (or parts) of any PDF, at any place in the PagePlus envelope. I'm sure it must be there somewhere in Publisher - I'm just not seeing it. Help please!
  5. ... and the tutorials I have found and searched, Walt, (rather more than 47) are both good and bad. Good as a basic introduction to the topic - bad in that too many stop at Lesson 101. The one you highlight is a fine example. A good Noddy level introduction to the presets but nothing about the 'boat-load of goodies' to which GarryP refers. I say again, it should be easy to (build) multilevel bullet & number lists. By which I mean, at least: specify symbols at each level specify fonts, sizes, colours etc specify tab stops & leaders then manipulate them in the ways GarryP is looking for. The Edit Text Style dialogue box offers options that I have never heard of; which suggests it should possible to do something as essential as bullet & number lists. But I can't work out how. I can work out how in InDesign, Quark, even WORD. IT IS SO FRUSTRATING !!! I find myself asking if it's just that I'm dim - which makes it very comforting to find many others in the same predicament. Over the last couple of months I have been making an effort to convert InDesign and PagePlus files into Affinity Publisher. Nearly every one has been stopped by an issue such as this.
  6. So true about experts expecting mere mortals to have instant understanding of obscure concepts! Conversely, they also seem to find the need to explain simple concepts in excruciating detail. Having said that, "multilevel bullets" ought to be a simple concept. I suspect it's not just that they expect understanding from their inferiors, they also don't entirely understand it themselves. The solution has come in a eureka moment which they cannot extract from the subconscious brain. There's so much brilliant content that I can't understand that I keep backing out to PagePlus! Is there a YouTube yet moderators??
  7. On about every 100th occurrence on my screen I feel the need to go into writing Throughout the UI of all three applications, I find that the logic applied by Serif is "different" from that I have come to use after decades of learning IBM and then Microsoft. Sometimes the Serif "How To" is staring me in the face - if I position my face where my backside would normally reside. I just have to learn a new way of thinking. Sometimes the way things happen are in my (IBM) "Nobody would ever do it that way" bucket. rah1861's text frame management issue falls into that category. I so understand where he is coming from! In these cases I retreat to PagePlus and CorelDraw and PhotoShop for a couple of weeks But it would help if the development teams could put themselves in the position of Mere Microsoft Mortals and maybe even add an alternative ways of doing things based on that logic. Yes - there are a huge number of alternative ways in Affinity, but they are seem to be based on Serif logic. It's simple stuff - Serif put "IT" on the side bar - MS put it on the Menu: serif put "IT" in <Edit>, I'm used to finding it in <File>. And on YouTube, the vocals of "Just click command here" has moved the mouse off the "Here" spot before my rheumy eyes have found it. Keep up the good work Serif People, all three Apps are amazing and go places I have never seen before: and if I explore these dark places I may find the answers I need. The number of gaping holes (currently I am gawping over the lack of "Footnotes" and "Fit Text to Frame" capabilities) gets smaller & smaller and I am increasingly thinking that maybe the hole doesn't exist, I simply haven't delved sufficiently deeply. ........ I would be more than happy if Publisher could cover the content of that magnificent package - PagePlusX9.
  8. Like so much of this superb package, it's easy once you know how! Many thanks. Now I just need to know how to place it as fully editable rather than 'line by line'.
  9. As an occasional user (compared to the 25 hour/day experts!), I have to agree that it is all about what you use - make a list and compare. I find that I keep finding features in PagePlus that I NEED and which Publisher does not support. I am delighted to say that if enough people have the same problem something is often done about it. When I last looked, my list (PagePlus can, Pub can't) comprised only Fitting text to a defined frame. Footnotes & End notes These are significant enough to keep PPX9 on the HDD
  10. Can anybody tell me how to PLACE a PDF of (say) 8 pages such that each PDF page is placed on a separate page in the AffPublisher document? So far I have only managed to load page 1. I'm sure I must be missing an "Options" choice somewhere - as in PagePlusX9.
  11. Using v1.7.1.404 of all three Apps. I tried everything listed by everybodyIN THIS AND OTHER THREADS with no success. I bought Photo & Designer a couple of years ago, using a now-defunct email address and I was wondering if different email addresses had an influence. Rather than buy, I requested a free trial and downloaded Designer & Photo from the site accessed from within Publisher, using my current email address. That didn't work either. I thought that maybe downloading another copy of Publisher from a different Serif site might help. There had been some discussion about Beta versions not working and though I had downloaded v1.7.1.404, I had done so from the Beta stream. . I downloaded Publisher v1.7.1.404 from the store rather than from within the forum. THAT WORKED !!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know which steps had the desired effect, and I can't imagine I will use the Persona option too often --- but it's VERY impressive. I am hoping that the Finance software can find my Product Keys: if not I'll talk to the nice guys at Serif Support
  12. Thanks Paul, I had seen Patrick's post but had imagined that v1.7.1.404 from one site was the same as v1.7.1.404 from another site! "Buying" a trial version of both apps from the "Buy Now" dialogue box in Publisher did the job. Lets hope my Product Keys will still work when I am asked for them.
  13. I still have the same problem - Personas in Publisher do not find Designer or Photo. Versions of all three Apps are, downloaded from the Affinity "Beta Update" URL's I have uninstalled and re-installed Designer and Photo I have created a document in both apps. I have rebooted Windows Then I have opened the apps again Publisher continues to tell me to install the apps I have uninstalled Publisher and re-installed it. Publisher continues to tell me to install the apps I think I'm ready for some expertise please. I should say that, up to this point, it has all run like clockwork.
  14. Having been patiently waiting for Personas to be revealed in Publisher, I was eager to test it in today's Customer Release. I was surprised to find that I was faced with an invitation to buy StudioLink for £30++ No mention of this before! Am I missing something?? I bought Photo & Designer in their pre-Release days. StudioLink.afpub
  15. As far in the past as 2014, Dave Harris was envisioning a "Fit text to Frame" tool. Any chance of an update Dave as to when this might happen?
  16. Great job! May I add my name to the (hopefully!) HUGE number of people wanting you to add 'footnotes' at the earliest opportunity.
  17. Nothing Walt! You mentioned in a post that there are issues which might be linked to Windows. I was simply reporting that installing several Windows updates hadn't caused any problems with my updates. Just more data for the mountain Mere nuances which might result in a Eureka moment for somebody.
  18. Build 337 installed & worked perfectly. Picking up on Walt's comment about Windows, I have received a flurry of Windows Updates over the last fortnight. All have been installed. I am very impressed with the speed of response of the development team. It engenders a whole lot of confidence.
  19. I am seriously impressed by first look at Build #305. (WORD import) - it even makes a pretty good stab at rows, columns & even tables (imported in error on my part) Thank you Serif developers.
  20. I would like to suggest that the facility to fit text to a frame should be added to the context menu of Text Frames. The "Size Text" option in PagePlus X9 (see attachment) is a good illustration of what I am looking for. The same option can be found in InDesign and Quark. FitText.pdf
  21. Thanks Walt, I appreciate your effort and time. I'd kinda abandoned that approach as an option early in the process, life being too short Basically, it is like expanding a fixed ratio bitmap. Maybe it would work better in conjunction with a spreadsheet to calculate the correct ratio (I'm joking!!!) The other approach is to select all the text and incrementally change the size in the menu until it fits. Also abandoned for same reason. Maybe I'm not making the right sort of document (sic!) but I have yet to find anything I want to do that I can't do as well (or better) in PPX9 - which is somewhat depressing.
  22. Hi Alfred, well, I can't get the same effect! Dragging the disembodied handle (on my OS) stretches the contents as though they were bitmaps. That is, pull down and the text is stretched vertically; its size (and all the other good stuff) is not adjusted to fill the frame. Dragging that handle with the frame & text in different configurations produces some interesting effects, bu not one that I recognise as "Fit Text to Frame" - what Fixx is describing. Fixx, you say "there are many ways to do it". Do you mean "in Publisher"? If so, can you let me in on the secret Is it my OS? Windows 10 Pro, fully committed to Windows Update. Thanks everyone
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