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  1. btw, I have 3 other files with the same problem. One of these files is Almost text with hyperlinks only. Thx for the effort to try to sort this out.
  2. No, it did not. I've send the file and linked images to Jon in another tread a few weeks ago.
  3. First, congrats with version 1.8. Exporting my Publisher file (450+ A4 pages, many linked images and hyperlinks) to pdf with the option "as pages" selected fails. Almost immediatly, i get an error and the export stops. Exporting as spreads works fine.
  4. 1. Make a color in the Swatches, document panel 2. Right click this color and choose rename 3. Give the color a new name and click OK. 4. The new name is not displayed in the swatches, document panel. 5. Switch to another panel and back to the swatches document panel 6. The new name is correctly displayed I'm using the latest Publisher 7.3
  5. I've done a test a while ago with embedding all the graphics. It seemed to prevent the app from crashing.
  6. It seems that Affinity crashes when it has to load linked images. When you jump to a page, the images are displayed a short time in low res, after that they are displayed in high res. So far so good. But sometimes , the lowres images stays on the screen and the the app crashes. You also hear the disk spinning when you go to a new page. I always wait till this diskspinning stops before i do anything on the page. When working this way i can more or less push back the crashes.
  7. Will do so. At the moment the file is a lot bigger than the one you have (ca 400+ linked images, 200+ populated A4 pages). It seems that when scrolling slowly, there is a lot of disk activity. Sometimes the images on the page are blurred, you'll have to wait a second or so to see a sharp image. Also when opening the resource manager for the first time, i have to wait a second or 10 to have a responsive program: during this 10 seconds Publisher is "not responding" (message shown). Just scrolled through my file, relatively fast, and after a page or 10 scrolled by... crash... with report. it's attached. Thx for the efforts and congrats to the team! 3c546574-9a8d-42db-a72c-7cc8cf8c3484.dmp
  8. Oke, thx. I'll wait, have stil 250 pages to shift to Publisher :). So by then, the fix is probably outrolled.
  9. When disabling the hyperlink option during the export to pdf, the creation of a pdf with the option "all pages" works fine. When enabling the hyperlinks when creating an export pdf "all pages", an error occures (see quote). I have also problems exporting hyperlinks to a pdf file: some of the hyperlinks are not exisiting anymore in the pdf (see other topic i've already started).
  10. Exporting a file to pdf with the option "all pages" selected still not working.
  11. Just installed version 1.7.2. Scrolling and crashing isues seems to be updated, but i still had a crash while scrolling (relatively fast) through the document? No crah report was generated.
  12. Just installed version 1.7.2, still not all hyperlinks ( to anchors) will be exported to a pdf-file. Do i have to remake the not working anchors and hyperlinks in the apub file? or is a fix still coming?
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