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    Crash for no obvious reason

    Thanks for our promt reply. Files attached below as requested 46b6300f-28b1-4139-87d4-c143d4e70410.dmp 97ca42e3-8eaa-40b8-8567-0a99720ad9d5.dmp 3f7325f6-6caf-4ec2-80e2-edc76f51f5ba.dmp 80a47170-2885-44ac-a58c-893aa39da8a1.dmp
  2. I have been using publisher since beta and now have the latest version, running on windows which is aslo the latest version. Sometimes publisher simply disappears from my screen and has to be opened again. often but not always it offers a recovery file which does not include my last actions. I cannot tell you what action provokes the crash as it seems to be random but always as as i make a key stroke. This happens with different projects. I have an upto date computer with a fast proccessor and lots of RAM. very frustrating!
  3. Yes Thank you callum. I wanted to see both images on the screen together and have discovered that when both are open you can grab the tile bar of one and drag it down . the image will then open in an undocked seperate floating window which I can park on one side. best to set the size you want for the undocked image before you undock it.. I can use this as my refference whilst able to modify the image still docked to suit . To re dock the floating image simply drag it up to the title bar again.
  4. How can i have two images open in affinity at the same time. I want to use one as refference whilst i match the other to itfor colours and contrast ect.
  5. Yes i have the latest version now and it crashes less often! sometimes I try to say select a picture or Zoom and the programme instantly vanishes form my screen. I can restart it and it will often offer me a recovery file. Otherwise I am really pleased with it. I have 100+ pictures with text, all images proccessed in Affinity photo and I can move them in amd out and easily make adjustments.
  6. I have just down loaded beta 170.174 but it is very unstable in Windows 10 (latest version). It just disappears off the screen every few key strokes, and is practically unuseable. The previous versions did that occationally abut mostly made a recovery file. I have been testing the beta with a photobook which is about 30 pages long with many images and text. I save it as a pdf so will be ablle to use it when finished. My PC has an 8 core ryzen proccessor, fast SSD memory and 16GB of Ram, so I dont thik thats the problem. I find the new publisher great so far, if only it would stay on the screen.
  7. Amazing, I opened a photo book I made in microsoft publisher 2007 and saved as a pdf. Affinity publisher opened it with all the correct sizes, pages and content. To my amazement each individual picture and text frame was also formatted so that I could change size, or edit them much as if I had made in affinity publisher in the first place. So can I open any pdf made from a publishing programme, or just from microsoft publisher?