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  1. This just needs to be a menu option like Illustrator – something like Object => Offset Path => <enter value>. So much faster than this method.
  2. +1 on imposition settings and output. I have a client with an in-house printer so all of my booklets that I send to them have already been imposed for 2-up Saddle Stitch and ready to print.
  3. Correct. I'm looking for the trigger along everyone else and appreciate an earlier reply suggesting we save a file along with History and send to the Affinity team. I'm doing my best to notice when it happens and perhaps keeping a log of my history each time it occurs might shed some light for the developers to fix the issue. I'm hoping to help solve this dilemma 'cause it's driving me nuts.
  4. Sorry to be that guy but can we keep this thread to the topic at hand please? I'm following this thread for an answer to the posted question and this morning my Inbox was filled with about 20 non-related responses. Grumpy old man yells at cloud. Thank you.
  5. I'm experiencing the same issue pretty regularly but for the life of me I can't seem to figure out what is triggering it. A restart of the app does fix the problem as others have stated.
  6. Is it possible to assign separate blend modes for an object stroke and fill with Affinity Designer? For instance I'd like to apply a blend mode of Multiply to the black fill of a rectangle but want to leave the white stroke color as normal. I have this same question for opacities as well. I ask because I'm able to do this in Illustrator and use it all the time. If there is another way of approaching this in Designer w/o having to duplicate the object (one for fill and one for stroke), please enlighten. Thanks!
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