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  1. Uploaded a version with all embedded resources. Original file was created in 1.7.3. This version was opened in the latest beta 603, then saved and exported. PDF x4 output file also uploaded. Cannot select in either Preview or Acrobat Pro. No problem with any other pdf. Can also export the rgb version of this same doc in pdf dig small with no issues. I also just did a reset of export presets on the beta, but that did not resolve the issue.
  2. Just tried beta 603 and with an export of a cmyk doc, I noticed that a lot of the text is not selectable in the pdf. However, oddly things like paragraph sub headers and some freestanding text is selectable. This is the previously uploaded file "Clean Water 2019 - FW - 4pg - CMYK -b584_x4.afpub" that we were having other issues with before (missing graphics in export). Settings for the x4 output in screenshot. In the 2nd screenshot, you can see that I can select the para header but not the body text. I can also select text frame over the pic as well as the main page headline and subheader. Same for all pages of this 4-pg doc. I also do not see anything in the Text Style for the body copy that would affect pdf output or cmyk. The text is all coming out as overprint k, so no difference between what is selectable and what is not.
  3. Just tried this in Friday's beta and it still does the same thing. I rechecked the ID file and the radius on that text frame is 4.2 mm. But when opened in the latest beta, the setting of 4.2mm is not visually correct and has to be reset to c.0.4mm. Not sure why it isn't reading/following/interpreting the IDML file on this. It follows the radius settings in all the imported rectangles but apparently not a text frame.
  4. Finally loaded up Photo MAS 1.8.1 and we still have the same problem as in MAS 1.7.3. EC will not launch. In the History, there is an entry for Plugin, but nothing happens. And just as with MAS 1.7.3, in the betas of 1.7.3, 1.8.0 and 1.8.2 all will launch EC just fine, but the MAS versions will not. Global Authorization is selected, correct path to the plugins. Topaz and Goog Nik plugins launch fine in both the retail and betas. It seems that the MAS versions of Photo are the issue since all betas have not and currently do not have the problem.
  5. Either go to your “Purchases” section, or do a search for the app in the App Store. Once there, the button should read Update instead of Buy.
  6. Well, hopefully Affinity support can help figure this out for you, once they catch up with the major issues evolving from the release of 1.8. Overall, they apparently did get plugins working for the most part for people reporting, but think there are still issues to be solved. Especially why EC won't work/open in a MAS version!
  7. Interesting! Must be something else happening with your setup. There is a minor diff in my plugin path in that I have moved/installed my extra plugins into a new folder within the Applications folder and called it Photoshop Plugins. I have my Google Nik collection and Topaz plugins in there, then point Affinity to that folder. But the "unknown" status is the same as mine.
  8. Are you getting no preview screen at all, or a poorly rendered preview? I do need to adjust the preview window in order to get a good preview (as per my screen capture). It's always been true that APh does not automatically create a new layer nor rasterize the layer before doing the effect. But I've found it's pretty easy to: 1) set my text/create a shape, 2) make a copy/duplicate, 3) then rasterize that duplicated layer, 4) followed by applying the plugin/EC. Reasonable workflow. But if you are not even getting a preview window at all, or a preview of the effect, then you may have something unique with your setup. Screen_Recording_2020-03-05_at_1_08.55_PM.mov
  9. Finally had a chance to load beta and can report that EC still works, with the exception that it does sometimes require a slight resize of the preview window in EC. But saves and all options seem to work. This does (again) suggest that the Mac MAS version is the issue on it not working in the retail version, for whatever reason. But at least using the beta, EC can be used just fine (mostly).
  10. Not sure what PE costs, but you might also consider simply buying the Affinity Store version of Photo for $49. I haven't had time to try the latest 1.8.2 beta, but I'm guessing EC may very well work just as it has in the last betas for both 1.7 and 1.8. I think the issue is related to the MAS version and the sandboxing from Apple. And I'm speculating that it likely works in the 1.8.1 version from the Affinity Store. The other option is to continue using 1.8 betas and wait for Photo v2 to come out, which will be a paid upgrade, then switch to the Affinity Store version. If you've not used the 1.8.2 beta, you might want to try that first to see if it works again. Runs parallel to the normal retail MAS version, so nothing lost in trying. Might help confirm if it is just an issue with the MAS retail versions. Other plugins are having similar issues with the MAS 1.8 version, so not unlikely it is the issue with EC.
  11. @TomM1 Have you had a chance to check this in the new beta of 1.8.2? I haven't upgraded yet to either the release or the new beta for fear of breaking EC compatibility. Thanks.
  12. Be sure to check for odd hidden characters that came come in with copy/pasting text or by opening PDFs (and sometimes IDML imports). Located under Text/Show Special Characters. I have found several times I had a similar issue that somehow odd hidden characters were within the text that did not show up without turning on Show Special Characters. Also need to be in Non-Preview Mode to see those.
  13. Interesting! After Andy posted that "fix", I looked at my 1.7.3 install to see if maybe that might fix it as well, but saw the same thing you did. The button is greyed out. Hopefully Andy knows how to deal with that as well! Really want to upgrade but really need access to EC, so need to wait to get this resolved. Back in 1.7.3 when it failed to work in the MAS version (while it did work in the betas), I had thought I was going to have to spend another $50 to get the Affinity Store version. But when it worked in the 1.8 betas, I was encouraged that maybe this time it was fixed.
  14. Hopefully that will solve it. I'm thinking I will have to wait to upgrade since I do need EC from time to time. I was soooo encouraged when it was working in the betas. Will wait to see if TomM1 can get it to work!
  15. I haven’t upgraded yet. Plus a mod posted In the release Bug forum that the initial 1.8 Mac App Store version isn’t handling any plugins correctly, so they have a new version already submitted to Apple for quick release. The problem relates to MAS software requiring strict sandbox behavior. Hopefully the newer release will make it work. It does make me think that this was the issue with 1.7.3. I know it worked in the betas, but failed to even open in the final MAS release. Hoping this time that doesn’t happen. Let me know if the upcoming fix works for EC.
  16. Interesting that it has the export issue in ADes 1.8 beta but not in ADes 1.7.3. Should I post this in the ADes Bug forum also, or are you able to cross-pollinate it?
  17. I agree with these thoughts/ideas and think it important to clean this new section up a bit before final release of 1.8. Otherwise, I think it will generate a lot of questions, support requests and criticism. Right now the points discussed above are simply asking for complaints/questions once released to the public.
  18. Further info. I did a new import of the IDML, then fixed a couple other issues where it had problems importing AI files correctly (so I changed them to ADes files). I then went back to this mysterious text frame and used the node tool to modify that text frame's corner radius. This time NO FUNNY magenta line remained! Why, who knows! But in looking at it some more, I can see that in previous betas I am thinking that this text frame likely came in with a 4.2mm radius just like the rounded rectangle above/behind it. And it looks correct when opening the previously saved APub file in the new RC beta. However, when I open the same IDML file in 584, while the radius of that text frame shows as being the same 4.2mm, it is much larger visually and requires resetting the radius to 0.4mm in order to match the correct/previous look and the matching rounded rectangle behind/above it. Perhaps there is some setting I'm unaware of? But that said, I never had this issue when opening this same IDML in any of the previous betas, so this is something new and repeatable. Certainly not the end of the world for an IDML import, but might cause others issues if it does it too often, and also suggest something isn't being interpreted correctly now.
  19. Interestingly, when I use the Node tool to "fix" the radius on the text frame, it visually corrects the radius but still leaves a magenta/purple outline of the original incorrect larger radius frame when preview is off. And this incorrect import of this text frame didn't happen in previous betas.
  20. I just uploaded both the ADesign and the exported eps files. (Greater Portmore Accel Drwg.afdesign)
  21. No, this was "assembled" in Photo. When it was created as an RGB, it places in APub just fine. It's only the cmyk version of the APhoto file that when placed in APub that it has the large bounding box. However, the the Mac quicklook preview of the file is correct. I even tried opening the 1.7.3 file in the 1.8 RC beta and saved as cmyk, but it still places with the large box. I did find the contextual toolbar Page Box dropdown, so can make adjustment for this particular case, but it does seem odd.
  22. Yes, but Chris in APhoto beta thinks there might be a bug he's going to log. Thanks.
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