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  1. Yeah the final bought version doesnt have any styles but the default go figure., Thanks for these Great work
  2. Its still way better/best .When you find out how arcane your systems really are you will be pissed .Then to boot when you find out that ur mac is a pc always has been yeah thats even worse. Yeah ..Amstrads if you recall where sued by commodore.Yet.they had a pretty good system back in the day . Just because its "new" doesn't make it better. Lets add to the fact a PPC cpu was added to the c64. Now try that on for size. In summary i was pointing out that pagestream already was doing what was asked. Also Image FX another Amiga paint program could do what hasn't been done yet with Affinity. Not that it was needed to get these programs. This is just a bit of reference. I dont expect anyone to get these programs or Amiga.. :D Granted this is a great program Which by the way I have bought ,and the workbook.So then but then again Why does one have have to do such a thing to prove such a thing.
  3. The ui Kits its like the arcane flat gui is forced on you .i like a lot of the ideas and laid out,but he gui leads a lot to be desired. SO i guess i have to redo the gui.
  4. The links in the book are of teal ,and a might small.. Should be bigger ,and a darker color Plus, any text that is teal should be a darker color.The links needs to have a forward slash also. I mean not everyone is a Internet guru...just saying.. . Further more what happened to Droid output. png doesn't mean ios .Apple didn't invent png. Slice exporting all that is talked about, and shown is apple this or that.Workbook needs to be pc/droid also or just be in general Yes, I have a Windows keyboard cutout in the back of the hardback book. What about a PDF that would be $15 if bought separately or free if you got the hardback it would also have all the fixes .This way we could just double click the link., and kinda not look off the screen or copy and paste. You know more intuitive. 21 century. I might add maybe there should be a ftp depository for this so it cant get updated and bigger ,and people could get updates on that via news. Just a side not most work could have been done in a shorter time ,,ie the logo ellipse-(lace frame) could have been down in three moves instead of what look like 15 .Well 5 anyhow. Still, nice book. Really nioce layout. Hope to see the same with the other programs With the afore mentioned updates ,and also online one too.
  5. That video shows a rather old Amiga Pagestream doing what needs to be done ..and oh yeah "Open interface"..yep u dont have true type fonts Yeah the video is grainy .With a child able to do all the work. The point is what everybody is wanting has been done before..Yes, It is running in ram by the way.
  6. Thats the problem i was always using Amiga stuff ,and even now I still do., I never had any problems oh yeah better output quality.If only people would have kicked the tires.
  7. amigatheone


    I would love to see a preview of the packages before i download any of them. Although i do appreciate the work people are doing.I just don't like downloading something then finding out something is really outdated,and arcane like flat ui. Thanks
  8. pfft funny Amiga software/hardware was able to do it ,and still does for years..furthermore just ,because it says adobe or avid doesn't means its always used..That is brainwashing ,and assumption at its best/worst. Granted for x86 ..aka mac-pc i think affinity has a chance From what i see,tested IT kicks adobes arse. Now be more like XARA in the distribution of things ,and of course come out with the web affinity.
  9. example of time sharing ..ie non real-time ..non multitasking ,but thanks
  10. Since programs are basically being replaced in the long run why cant Affinity just import all the files from them aka pageplus, and so forth. I mean really sure they will still work ,but sooner or later they wont do what we want to do ,and the file we want to import wont work,and we cant edit a finalized version. Affinity imports mac stuff whats a few more on the windows side.
  11. In al truth retina is less quality then a lot of other pcs of which ur mac is a pc. I dont beat around the bush I tell it like it is. Just like any system the bigger the picture when set at a certain size aka if it where 1024 X768 that is size not resoution contrary to what people have been taught.Hence if it streched ti anything BIgger it will look blocky..This will happen on any system..Also,there was a design flaw in webplus still there. The first hybrid graphic meaning graphic over text in a website tended to be pixelated no matter what. TIll you rerendered like 5 times till sundayThen I would save that correct version ,and rename it to the number or name that webplus wanted when the website was finalized thereby no worries. The bug is still in webplus x8. That is what could be happenig in your software, by the way.
  12. I couldnt find this topic anywhere,or at least in one area. While still in beta .I was hoping as its serif ,and also showing off the other companies such as Adobe ,and also being so nice.that the import of the older program types would be implemented..Amiga side has done it before. Also , you are importing mac side. I know I want an all in one solution to better interegrate programs so at least that part is done.
  13. can i import the editable aka pageplus files etc.. becasue sooner or later the plus prograsm are goign to be outdated ,and the files are goign to be needed to be imported,and we are goign to want to replace one series as it is called with another ,and not be another mickysoft where we have 5 different "oses". I signed up for the beta test..so i can test that part out with no problem.
  14. I did read they would discontinue the photoplus drawplus and pageplus in article from the ceo ,but which is why i had to get it clarified .which what u are saying makes no sense
  15. What will it replace on the windos side..like will it replace pageplus or what..I have 2 more post till a certain date, and cant see this one til approved so please be specific thanks %)... AS I really dont want to have "500 programs" on my system I dont know arent you that way to lol
  16. Hi, by my name you can see what platform I come from ,and Serif would know me as there are few of us. lol More to the point I hear oh we should stick with MAc ...a MAc is a pc with closed source Linux so that covers both topics. Im just hoping it will be as easy as well Photoimpact as that reminds me of the superiror Image FX dam neat true 24bit and true 48bit graphics program..Yes we had several of those..I digress. We, dont need another pos adobe wannabbe. Glad you guys are going to make it standard across the board ,been saying that for years now. Jsut dont make it too expensive, %^)and Oh yeah cant wait to test it out.
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