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  1. @TheFellaLondon By default, Windows saves all downloaded files to C:Users\[your user name]\Downloads. Have you checked that location for the missing installer? There is no reason to think it would "self-destruct" if not actually installed by June 20th! My understanding is that the 90 days begins from the day you install and first use the software. HTH Jeff
  2. @Sayan Kunti Welcome to the Affinity forums. Since the offer has already run for at least three months I doubt it will reappear anytime soon, but who knows? Jeff
  3. @Megnusin You've posted to the "Designer Bugs found on Windows" forum. Clearly, it is at least a similar bug to the subject of this thread but really ought to be posted to the relevant Mac forum area. Perhaps a moderator will see you post and move it to the "Designer Bugs found on Mac". Jeff
  4. @graphos Not seeing that here! To test, I opened Designer, went to File>Open, navigated to a folder, opened one .afdesign file (did nothing to it), closed the file and closed Designer. Re-opened Designer, went to File>Open and it went to the folder I had just had open. Have you ever opened the System 32 folder, even "accidentally", whilst working in Designer?
  5. @taxineil I don't own an iPad but I understand that the purchase of Affinity apps for it are direct from the iPad App store; hence, no "Affinity" account, since it records only purchases made directly from Affinity/Serif. HTH Jeff
  6. @Diane Davies Welcome to the Affinity forums. As explained earlier in this thread, Affinity Photo is not really designed to link direct to your camera in order to download your pictures. It is an "editor", i.e. software for manipulating those pictures once they are on your computer. You mention that you have previously used Nikon's ViewNX2 to transfer your photos to your computer; is there any reason why you cannot continue to do this? The following is my method, slightly simplified, for downloading and saving my photos: I have a Canon camera and use the dedicated Canon software, EOS Utility, to download the images from my camera to a folder that I designate on one of my hard drives. I create a new folder for each set of pictures, e.g. "Norfolk Holiday", tell EOS Utility to download the chosen pictures to that folder and then let it get on with it. Once downloaded I can then open them at will in Affinity Photo for any "editing" I wish to do. You say I have it preset to only transfer the recent files. Clearly, there is nothing wrong with this approach but, since this suggests you actually leave ALL your photos on your camera's memory card, depending on the camera (and the size of each image) and the capacity of your memory card, there will come a time, eventually, when the card is full and no more pictures can be saved to it. Although I have a large, 128GB card in my camera, once I am happy the files are all safely and properly transferred to and saved on my computer, I use my camera's own internal software to format the memory card, thus completely clearing it and leaving maximum space for future photos. You do not need to do this, but this approach suits me! HTH Jeff
  7. Then simply log in to your Affinity account and download the latest version of the three apps.
  8. @lettergothic Those really are (relatively) "old" versions! Where did you originally purchase them, and which OS do you use? The method of update is different, depending whether you originally purchased from the relevant App Store, or direct from Serif/Affinity. Jeff
  9. @Darren Wheatley Welcome to the Affinity forums. Each "purchase source" has its own totally independent licensing system with no interchange of information so no, it is not possible to "transfer" a licence from the MAS to Affinity Store, or vice versa. Jeff
  10. I downloaded the file you attached to your post, opened APh (latest release) and opened your RAW. It appeared in the Develop Persona in exactly 7 seconds! I'm afraid I don't consider that extremely slow! Jeff
  11. @WAR Welcome to the Affinity forums. "iOS12" is one of the "Assets Groups". Your installation clearly included this by default. Directly beneath its name you will see various "sub-groups", Misc, Controls etc. If you click on the arrow head at the beginning of any of these sub-groups they will open and you should see the various icons and asset available in that sub-group. Context and Tables sub-groups are already "open" in your screenshot. HTH Jeff
  12. @pamela aldridge Welcome to the Affinity forums. I am NOT a moderator, sorry, but what exactly are you trying to "register" and where? Jeff
  13. @Divya Welcome to the Affinity forums. I know that DrawPlus Starter Edition has not be available to download for a number of years, so is this a recently downloaded software or are you needing to reinstall and hence re-register? Because ALL the "Plus" range of software is now Legacy, i.e. no longer produced, I know there is a Universal Registration Key for all the "purchased" versions which is 881887, but I do not know whether this can be used with any of the Starter Editions. Jeff
  14. Thanks @Alfred. I wasn't even aware of that option! Now done.
  15. @PixelDude Raoul No problem to install them here! (BTW, many thanks for the heads-up on them!) I simply opened AP, on the Swatches tab chose "Import palette" , went to the two .afpalette files, in turn, clicked on them and they installed immediately and showed in the Swatches panel dropdown. Just to check: you did unzip the .zip file first? Jeff
  16. Hi Walt. Point taken! But on my machine I don't have "Use mouse wheel to zoom" ticked, but Ctrl+mousewheel does zoom, in or out! Presumably, then, that's an "OS feature"? But if so, I wonder why the OP, on MAC, seemingly has to use Alt+mousewheel, rather than, what I understood to be the "equivalent" of Ctrl on Windows, i.e. Cmd? Jeff
  17. @Luis Revuelto Welcome to the Affinity forums. I'm not a Mac user but if you go to Preferences>Keyboard shortcuts, can you change it there to what you prefer? On Windows it is the expected Ctrl+mouse wheel. HTH Jeff
  18. @MarionLeissen Welcome to the Affinity forums. Since you originally purchased Designer from the Windows Store you need to log on to the store on your new computer, using the same logon details as you used when you made the original purchase. The app should be available to you in the "My Library" area of the store. Simply select to download and install it. HTH Jeff
  19. @Paulse Have you opened Affinity Photo (without Publisher open) at least once since installing Publisher? I understand this is needed in order for Publisher to fully "register" the StudioLink. HTH
  20. @cliff-p Welcome to the Affinity forums. Check what happens to those icons etc. when you have an image open. Jeff
  21. @Sabrina Garrison Welcome to the Affinity forums. Which operating system do you have, MAC or Windows, and from where did you originally buy the software, the Mac App Store, the Windows Store or direct from Serif? The answer to where and how to redownload your software very much depends upon your answers to these questions! Jeff
  22. @MEB has written elsewhere that "Perspective Efex" doesn't work with Affinity Photo. During my, so far, brief use of the plugins, everything else seems to be fine. Jeff
  23. @basholtzer Perhaps it could prove useful/helpful to Serif and allow other users to possibly suggest alternative approaches, if you were to detail at least some of the many bugs you see in Affinity Publisher. Merely to state, without explanation or qualification, that Publisher is not ready for professional use is really not very helpful. Jeff
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