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  1. @Chris B Does that imply that you think @Joachim_L actually does write too many comments!!! (Sorry, couldn't resist!) 😇😇 @Joachim_L don't stop commenting, please! Jeff
  2. @Steffen-Michael Eigner Isn't that what the .pdf export facility is for?
  3. @Vancado The licence.xml files are not in "Program Files" but in "Program Data". By default, this folder is hidden by Windows. In File Explorer go to your C:\ drive, find the View tab and then check the item "Hidden Items" is ticked. See my screenshot below. HTH Jeff
  4. @PaRunk The options @Alfred shows are visible when you are in the Pixel Persona. In the Designer Persona the menu is different. HTH Jeff
  5. @rayzor2012 Welcome to the Affinity forums. I understand from posts made by Serif staff that it is not possible for any of the Affinity apps to directly cause a BSOD. If you read the whole of this thread you will find some possible solutions to the problem. HTH Jeff
  6. @smadell Just adding my two cents' worth of deeply heartfelt thanks for the work you have so obviously put in to this. I've only dipped into one or two pages so far, but I am already looking forward to delving further! Jeff
  7. @RickyO I happily confess this is the first time I've ever heard of this Windows 10 S Mode! A very quick read of this Microsoft page seems to suggest it is installed at point of manufacture of certain specific computers, with particular mention of "Educational" use. So, is yours one of this "type" of computer? If it is, I would very much suspect that very few, if any, other Affinity users have encountered the problem because they do not own or run an "affected" computer. If the steps that M$ gives do not enable you to "change" the status of your computer I'm not sure whether anyone else can help you, sorry. Jeff
  8. @pigamagoo Welcome to the Affinity forums. Which OS (MAC, Windows or iOS)? Mention of a Product Key suggests you bought Publisher from the Serif store. Is that correct? If so, log into your Affinity account, go to "Downloads and Product Keys" and all the information will be there. No need to uninstall and reinstall merely to be able to enter your Product Key. HTH Jeff
  9. @bwackv It has always been the case that Serif and Apple share no customer data so there is no way for Serif to "see" you have bought the app via the AppStore. However, don't forget we are still in the 50% off the price period! BTW, thank you for removing those email addresses from your original post. Jeff
  10. @Aby Welcome to the Affinity forums. I just tried this and got somewhat "strange" results". After tapping on the "Sides" button a number of times, a small window opened with the option to select any number. I closed that window and couldn't reopen it, despite numerous attempts. However, I did discover that, if one draws, however roughly, a pentagon, then the number can be clicked and increased or decreased to have as many sides as one wants. I'm not sure this is intended behaviour but I've only just started using Designer on iPad so am not sure! HTH Jeff
  11. @bwackv Posting of email address or app store account login details is most definitely NOT recommended in any public forums, like this one. I would urge you to edit your post to remove them as soon as possible. One could lead to Spam, the other to the potential hijacking of your App store account. Jeff
  12. @caoguibin Your second screenshot shows your personal email address. Can I recommend either obscuring that part of the image, or removing the screenshot completely, in order to avoid the danger of a spambot harvesting your address? Jeff
  13. @dwermske Serif and Apple share no customer data so no, it's not possible for you to download the app from Serif in order to update your MAS version, sorry. This thread shows another MAS user experiencing similar problems. Jeff
  14. @jeffro02 Welcome to the Affinity forums. Apple and Serif share no customer data so I think this is a problem for you to take up with Apple Store Support. Since you have bought the app from the MAS they must sort out exactly how you are to be able to download the product. HTH Jeff
  15. @AJDesign Welcome to the Affinity forums. On my computer, all three Affinity apps are installed on, and run successfully from my D:\ drive, where the vast majority of my programs are installed, in dedicated "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)" folders. When you click "open file location" I think you are being directed to the Start Menu item, which must be on C:\ I believe. But, by default, Affinity apps also use the Program Data folder on C:\ to store certain files - on my system the Affinity folder in Program Data is less than 300 MB. But, in C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Roaming\ there is, for me, an Affinity folder of 38GB. I rather suspect it is this latter that is, for you, taking up 3GBs of C... HTH Jeff
  16. As a very recent purchaser of an iPad and the Affinity iPad apps, reading this thread has left me a little confused! I have installed the latest version of Designer from the App Store; the splash screen shows it as being version 1.9.0, but the "Preferences/Settings" screen shows it to be 1.9.3. Which is "correct"? (Screenshot below). TIA. Jeff
  17. @bo atkinson You've posted to the "Publisher bugs found on Windows" forum area with a problem in Photo on a MAC. Perhaps a moderator will move your post to the correct forum area.
  18. @oldandnew Welcome to the Affinity forums. A quick search in the forums for "side by side errors" lead to this thread. If you read the whole thread you will see a possible workaround for this problem, which does seem to be specific to certain systems, and not any sort of problem created by the Affinity installer. HTH Jeff
  19. @SidM8 Can you attach the Publisher file? I suspect the only way to resolve this is if we had the file, along with its resources, to test on our machines. If you use the "Save as Package" option that should mean everything in your file can be accessed, though it might well make the file too big to attach here so you might need to consider uploading it to a file sharing site and then posting the link. Jeff
  20. @Alfred I think the problem here is that @LFace actually started this thread and so is "automatically" following it? Jeff
  21. @LFace At the head of this thread there is a black box, labelled "Following". Click on it and one of the options then displayed is "Unfollow". Click on it. (I see @Alfred beat me to it, though with a slightly different method!) Jeff
  22. @ProfessorCrabb Welcome to the Affinity forums. APub version is the latest Release version of the app. You have posted to the forum for reporting Bugs in the Beta releases under Windows. Perhaps a moderator will move your post to the correct area of the forum. In the meantime, it might be worth you downloading and installing the latest Beta from the first post in this thread. The Beta and the Release versions can happily be installed side by side as they share no program files and data. Jeff
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