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  1. Hi @MarcV, Pull down the Text menu and check Show Special Characters: I This will help you to see the paragraph breaks. I suspect you have an additional paragraph return between "weiter." and "Und so weiter". You will either need to change the Space Before setting of the second run of small text back to the original, or you may need to change the leading on these last two lines back to the original:
  2. Hi @Whitedog, Have a look at the beta forums for Affinity Publisher. It appears that compatibility with Indesign is on the roadmap, but it isn't there in the first beta version, which was only released a couple of days ago.
  3. I suspect that the original meaning of matte came from mat, a a sheet of card placed on the back of a picture, either as a mount or to form a border. https://www.etymonline.com/word/matte The meaning got extended (and the spelling got amended) when early film-makers used painted backdrops to replace genuine scenery in live action shots and developed all sorts of physical in-camera techniques which can now be replicated in software.
  4. Did a bit of experimenting... I can type \t into the Find box and it's immediately converted to a Tab character: Pasting in a paragraph return finds \n\r, but typing \n\r into the Find box has no effect - no immediate conversion to a paragraph return symbol and searching returns no results, even in a document with plenty of paragraph marks. I can paste a "soft return" or line end into and Find box and it searches for <LSEP>, finding soft returns. But typing <LSEP> into the Find box returns nothing: Pasting a column break (looks like a forward-pointing arrow, also used as a table delimiter) doesn't even change the contents of the Find box. Same with a column break (downward pointing arrow). Pasting in a page break (solid downward pointing arrow) appears to add a space (or at least a blank character of some description) to the Find box and returns every justified line ending. Pasting in an em dash adds a special character to the Find box and finds em dashes. Hope this helps...
  5. The point being that you would have to add the lens information to the image's metadata manually (eg using ExifTool) BEFORE you open it in Affinity Photo. There's quite a learning curve with ExifTool but it's platform agnostic and there's a very active support forum.
  6. I created an alias to an image, embedded the alias into an APub document, changed the Placement to Linked, and then changed the name of the original image file. APub immediately popped up a message that the image had been modified, and the Resource Manager showed the image (and its original name) as "Missing". I then replaced the alias (still with its original name), and changed it from Embedded to Linked. The Resource Manager now displayed the modified name of the original file. I then moved the original file to another folder. The same thing happened - the image was reported as modified, and the Resource Manager showed the image as "Missing". Re-embedding and re-linking brought up the correct file path to the original (not the alias) in the Resource Manager. So at the moment it doesn't look as though APub tracks OSX aliases. It would be good if it did!
  7. Hi Affinity, Please could you make it possible for me to specify the number of pages I want when I create a new document? This would be easier than having to add them after the document has been created. Thanks, h_d
  8. Does anyone know the way (there's got to be a way...) to delete multiple unwanted rows from a table: So far I can only delete them one at a time using the pop-ups for the individual rows. Likewise for columns. Thanks!
  9. Hi @nikolai.ylirotu, I suspect you'll get something like that when they implement the Photo and Designer personas, which aren't enabled in this first beta:
  10. Not on my non-retina 13" MacBook Air:
  11. Hi @jamessouttar I think you're getting this because Affinity's default shortcut for a soft return on a Mac is ctrl-return, not shift-return: Typing shift-return gives me an ordinary paragraph end, rather than just a line end (aka 'soft return'). But you can change this in Preferences: Cheers, h_d
  12. Perhaps I am misunderstanding: >> > > > There's clearly an upper limit to the length of master page names, and something buggy about the text input here. Can you post a screen shot?
  13. Hi Affinity, Great beta, really enjoying it so far and there's lots of potential. But... Please could you make it possible for us to create and save page presets for custom document sizes? This would be hugely helpful for non-standard publication sizes and custom artwork. (Same would be good for Designer too!) Thanks! h_d
  14. Hi @Pleck, I found that confusing too, but then I found Spread Setup:
  15. Hi @etageneuf I think this may be down to the width of the text box the first time you type into it. I typed "Entreprise à Paris" and could only see a few letters at a time. I then pressed the Enter key: et voilà!
  16. Hi @AnGwer, Go to your System Preferences - Trackpad - Point & Click. "Secondary Click" needs to be enabled - the default is a two-finger click.
  17. Agreed. The only way I can see to do it is to reduce the number of columns in the text frame (say six) to one, then increase to two, then type in the gutter width that you want, then set the number of columns back to the original number. Which is a bit cludgy. @walt.farrell: the "Balance columns" checkbox doesn't appear to do anything in this situation. Maybe I'm missing something though.
  18. Enjoying it so far, thanks Affinity! One issue - I placed an image on a page, used the Resource Manager to link it (switching off the embedding) and then moved the image to another folder on my disk. Resource Manager now shows the image as "Missing" (as I would expect) but the Update and Locate buttons have no effect and don't let me re-link the image.
  19. I managed this with a bit of fiddling about from the Spoon document linked by @Wosven: There are some gaps in the finer lines (especially on the upper-case P) which could be drawn in. Incidentally, on that Spoon document is one of the classic jokes of British television:
  20. Hi @mccluredave1, I'm seeing the same thing and it doesn't look right to me either. If a mod doesn't pick this up and explain it, it would be worth reporting as a bug. Cheers, h_d
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