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  1. Hey guys, so I wanted to extend-crop an image, and then Inpaint Fill the missing image part, but it doesn't work for me properly. Have attached a video of the issue. Inpainting_Fill_problems.mp4
  2. So I tried to use the lens correction on this photo, look what happens...it doesn't correct it, correctly. Photoshop usually would nail this every single time.
  3. How do I outline with the freaking pen tool in affinity photo? I'm getting really annoyed right now.
  4. Photoshop has a very nice feature called content aware crop, it basically fill in the empty space of a cropped image with the image itself (don't ask me how they do it) but I want that in my newly purchased Affinity Photo on Windows 10. These features are so nice, so nice we need to have them aswell. Your customer Max Køngerskov
  5. Solution found: Go to arrange tab in the top menues > (while text layer is highlighted) select in the arrange tab "align centre", that's it, text will now be centered. found out myself, sorry for any inconveniences.
  6. Hi, this is not a regular beta question, I just purchased Affinity Photo as one of the very first, and I am having a hard time to center my text on images, why can't I center the text? Your customer Max Køngerskov
  7. Hi guys, how do I invert a marching ants selection on windows in affinity designer?
  8. 1st question: Is Serif PhotoPlus X8 the same as Affinity Photo really? ​2nd question: If I purchase Serif PhotoPlus X8, will I get Affinity Photo for free or not? ​3rd question: Will Affinity Photo (Windows) be cheaper than Serif PhotoPlus X8 ? ​4th question: What do I do? Do I get Serif PhotoPlus X8 now, or do I wait for Affinity Photo for windows? Looking forward to your reply ​Max Køngerskov ​
  9. Thanks for your reply Callum. ​Well I need a video editor, powerful as premiere, but not premiere. The video editors you can buy today simply isn't very appealing, besides Premiere. Please do it, for us.
  10. Hi, I am really happy to see an alternative to Adobe. ​Are you planning to make Affinity Video Pro yet? ​Windows 10 user Max Køngerskov
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