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  1. It appears that there is no support for the GoPro latter series of cameras provided by Infinity. Having just received a GoPro 8 as a gift, I was hoping that this camera would be supported. Is there any plan to do this in the future as there are quite a few users who now also use the GoPro product line.
  2. harry - took a look at the will pearson link.. Point made!! Impressed at no loss detail at full magnification. I would not have thought that to be the case. Thank you
  3. I am very curious as to why you would need to stitch together over 500 shots for one pano? It would seem to me that there would be a very high loss of detail rather than more detail as each shot tried to overcome the last in the detail area - or, am I missing a point here? I can surely see a pano of 15 - 20 shots doing well, but when you get into the hundreds to would seem to be offsetting??
  4. Stella - I found the best way (for me) to do this is spend the better part of a day, depend ending on your internet speed, downloading all the resource files from Https://affin.co/XXXX. I set up a new folder, in and external HDD, naming it for the workbook and then saved all the project files in that folder under subfolders with each projects name. Hope this will help you.
  5. Thanks for the help. After trying, unsuccessfully, many times to do this, resizing would still not work - until I figured out that I had to uncheck the layer for the astronaut. Once done, the box and handles showed up and all went well from there. Cheers - happy New Year!
  6. I have been using the workbook to better understand AP. So far so good, until I got to the "Discovery" chapter and was working to resize the astronaut and element photos to fit into the background (page 428). For the life of me, I cannot find where you resize the image. I see resizing for documents, but not images. Where do I find this? Thanks and I feel pretty dumb right about now ):
  7. I have to say "thank you" to Serif for publishing tis workbook. It is well done, laid out with good examples and workflows. Some chapters do leave you searching about a bit for the exact task being worked, but I am not complaining as it has opened new doors for me and shown me how to do things I only got frustrated with before. It is and will be a good reference book for themes I get "wrapped up in my shorts" trying to get a task done and cant recall exact steps to take to get the end result I am after. Thanks!
  8. Received shipment notification my Affinity Workbook yesterday saying it had been "dispatched" Don't know from where? Amazon?? No way to track shipment so don't know if it is coming USPS, UPS, FedEx, pigeon?? On the other hand, thanks to Adam for help earlier verifying order was in place and should expect notification to come soon as books were being shipped to distributor. It would be nice if there was some sort of tracker involved. Obviously, Logistics is not core to Serif, so expectation of book is very high! Hopefully, future items will be rolled out in a better (perceived) fashion.
  9. I see, on the Amazon website that the workbook, in English, will be available 15 December. Does that mean those who ordered earlier, will be having their books shipped before 15 Dec since Amazon is also doing the distribution, or will Amazon just receive a truckload of books and then they begin fulfilling based on order dates? This whole order process has become one of life's mysteries, to me.
  10. I had ordered, the English version, in November also. After not hearing anything for a few days I contacted Affinity with my order number asking the same question: is there a problem, when will it ship, and will I be advised of shipment. About a day or two later. received an e-mail back stating that the book was sold out and was in the process of being resupplied. Apparently, Amazon is the direction agent and they are showing out of print. I was told that "it would be a few days. This was on 02 December. It was interesting that, at the point in time I received an e-mail announcing the w
  11. Just got the e-mail this morning and ordered my workbook. It looks impressive and (maybe) more than I was asking for, but this is great! I like AP, but not living on it every day has made it a bit frustrating to do more than basic things. I am hoping this will change that and open new doors for me. Thanks for finally coming through with this book.
  12. This NEF to DMG happens on PS Elements. I have been holding off on spending more money for a DAM, awaiting Affinity's response and using this, but am not happy with it at all. I really don't want to have to spend several hundred more dollars for some software, and then Affinity releases their DAM, which would work seamlessly with AP. Sort of the rock and a hard place right now, decision wise. I just wish AP would put a stake in the ground and say, this is when the DAM will be released. Wishful thinking, I guess. On the other side, If I do decide to go somewhere else, I am only out $50 U
  13. I'm sitting here on the fence to as to what to do. I'd like to have something that dovetails nicely with AP for a DAM application, but it seems to be one of those things thats coming, soon, but don't hold your breath. I really do not want to get locked into a subscription program such as what Adobe offers now with Lightroom. and did not wan to have to go through all the research to try to pick a "winner" that would work with RAW NEF and JPEG files. One of he reasons I don't like some of the adobe apps is that they do a quick change from NEF to DMG and only show a non picture file for the ra
  14. Thanks for the update as I look forward to getting this manual for use.
  15. I went back and looked at the date of my original question regarding when would a user manual be available for Photo. The date was October, 2016. Here we are, a year later and what has been developed and published - Affinity Designer workbook, which is a program developed and released after Photo. We keep hearing that "there is one coming". When, I have no idea, but as much as I like Photo, I am beginning to think that I am going to go back to CS, or Lightroom, etc, which has good documentation. I think the Affinity team puts together an excellent piece of software, but are very weak on d
  16. Excellent job - appreciate all the time it took for you to get this put together!
  17. I find it odd, that after many, many requests by users to publish / provide a users manual for Affinity Photo (and being told to use the online tutorials) that Affinity decided to publish a "manual" for Designer and has still elected to forego a user manual for Photo. Not meaning to beat a dead horse here, but is this something we will see, other than Affinity "considering it"? I, for one, would certainly appreciate and buy it.
  18. Thanks Asha. That is part of the problem - brand new macbook pro, old PC DOS / Windows guy. Going through a learning curve here and throwing Affinity Photo on top of it. Cheers! SD mount sounds easiest.
  19. Hi all - new user to Affinity Photo after tossing PSE 14 over the side. I have encountered a bit of a problem and need a recommendation here, if possible. If I import photos from my camera to my external hard drive and it goes through the Photo app on my macbook pro, it converts my raw .NEF files to .jpeg automatically and I have no chance to change. A workaround I have come up with is to use the software (Nikon Transfer 2) included with my Nikon camera is to download to a Nikon folder, rename the folder, then move or copy the folder to my ext hdd. Is there an easier way to do this, or do
  20. The irony here, pjglad, is buying a software app, then having to go (purchase) another piece of software to learn how to use what you just purchased. Not too sure i'd agree with that. Being a newbie, too, I find that things move quickly in the tutorials, but seem to find that I can grasp what is happening if I watch it over again. Not being critical here, just a point of consideration.
  21. I had asked the same question yesterday regarding a cataloging system and Darren (AP) responded back with same answer in that this was a recognized need and would be forthcoming in the future. Just no timing as to to what point in the future. However, as requests mount, possibly this could be a timeline improvement by AP for its customer base?
  22. Hello all. My name is Mike Waller and I am just getting into digital photography after a long hiatus from film (Kodachrome, mostly). I live in the high desert of central Oregon which provides fantastic opportunities for photography, so decided to get involved again as a serious hobby. I have finally decided to use AP Photo after trying other programs, but they just did not seem compatible with my new macbook pro. So here I am, retired IBM'er, moving to mac OSX from a lifetime of PC's. Easy transition and don't know why I did not do it sooner! Look forward to learning from the forum and i
  23. Darren and Kirk23, thanks for the reply back. I am glad the AP is going to end up with a full "package" of software that meets its customers requirements I find that (generally) apps designed for Windows that slo work on MAC do not do well on OSX, or MAC in general. Having a dedicated OSX program is stellar. Looks like you have helped me make my mind up as I am looking for a long term media solution for OS X.
  24. I am seriously considering purchasing AP for my personal use over other programs I have been trying. On other forums (brand new to this one), people have recommended using PS Lightroom in conjunction with AP. I guess my question is this: does AP need LR to fully optimize itself, especially since LR has many of the features in AP? Is all LR bringing to the game an organizer? If so, is there (possibly) an organizer in AP's future? I am not excited about having to cross software platforms to utilize one program (LR). Thx for the help,
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