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  1. Thank you for the reply harrym.:-) What program are you talking about when you referred to "AP"? The Panorama I'm currently working on it is built out of 510 images. I'll have to give PTGui a try again. The last time I tried to use it I couldn't get it to stitch it panorama that was made up of about 750 images. I have confirmed that the limit is over 510 images. I gave one a stitch but it came up with a bunch of smaller panoramas. Is there a way to force all of the images to be a part of one panorama? This is the image I'm getting out of ICE
  2. Thank you Calum for the reply! I'm looking for a good platform to stitch large panoramas with the gimbal Mount mentioned in the subject above. Is it possible to do structure panorama's with the Affinity software? I currently use a program developed and abandoned by Microsoft called ICE( image composite editor). It's super finicky what works better than anything else I could find so far.
  3. i have a ioptron ipano pro and im primarily looking to use affinity for panorama stitching. A single panorama can contain 100 ~ 1200 images depending on the settings i use. thanks and have a wonderful day
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