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  1. I looking at taking an electronic version of a book, which I have in .PDF and convert it to a eBook, which I can use on my website. Is this something fairly easy in publisher, or might I want to use another app?
  2. Hi Sean, It happens totally arbitrary, but only when doing dodging / burning. It been such a problem that I've had to switch back over to Photo Shop, since I loose the complete image after the error happens. I tried uninstall and reinstall Affinity, but the problem remains. I'll try to reproduce the issue and do a screen shot of the layers along with sending you the file.
  3. While using 1.10.1 via MAC M1, the image starts to loose its layer, or whatever the term is, when I burn and dodge. This is a serious issue, since when this starts, I'm unable to undo the issue, and have to re-import the image and start from scratch. It appears to an arbitrary, the only consistent part is when dodging and burning. Since I started using Affinity from day one, I've never had this issue, not sure if its exclusive to the latest release.
  4. Tats an awesome job Bruce, I don't seem to be quite talented, still trying to figure it out.
  5. Ok this is beyond my skill sets, looking for recommendation in straitening the lamp shade on the right. Am I pushing the limits?
  6. As an archtectuaital photographer, one of the few things that have kept me with PS is AI, "sky replacement." Question, does someone have a a quick solid method of replacing the sky with AP so I can say goodbye to PS once and for all.
  7. Affinity crashes when you try to force it to run via Rosseta. Nik 3 will run independanty as I've stated, on the M1 via Roseeta, but NOT as plugins, at least w/ PS. PS is having issues with plugin in general and the M1. I guess I just need to find someone that is running Affinity w/ the MAC M1 using Nik 3 plugins. My guess is you can't have one program i.e., Affinity, running native and the plugin running through Rosseta.
  8. The Nik Apps are running through Rosseta, otherwise it wouldn't work, nor would it show (Intel). Again I believe its a plugin issue with the M1. If someone is running the NIK 3 plugins w/ the M1, I'd love to hear from them.
  9. Thanks, however it's already running in Rosseta.The apps will run independently, just not as plugins. I do know for a fact, that they will NOT run through PS on the MAC M1 as a plugin, appears to be the same issue with Affinity. Unless someone can tell me otherwise.
  10. So I'm using Nik 3 w/ Affinity v1.9.3 vi MAC M1, and following this guidelines NIK plugins will not load to the left. Am I doing something wrong?
  11. Thanks however after I install the profile in the above path given the specific icc profile is still not showing up in soft proofing, not sure why this is so difficult.
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