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  1. Thanks however after I install the profile in the above path given the specific icc profile is still not showing up in soft proofing, not sure why this is so difficult.
  2. Running MAC Mojave using a Fuji Crystal icc print profile.
  3. i'm trying to import custom icc profiles for soft proofing, not sure why but I can't seem to get info on importing. Please help! Thanks!
  4. When importing an existing watermark, i.e., dropped the watermark onto the image and it now appears as a layer, at this point what is the easiest way to size it and position it? Is there a way to keep the setting, so one doesn't have to do this all the time?
  5. Is there a way to convert a RAW file straight to a DNG file within AP?
  6. This has been an ongoing issue with AP since day one, not sure why its such an issue to correct.
  7. Great, is there one tool or tools that you would suggest?
  8. Ok, figured out how to select an area with the tools available, however, the only adjustment that seems to work is the vibrance. Also when I'm done and deselect that area while selecting another area, the adjustments seem to affect the previous area even though thats been deselected. So basically, there are multiple areas that I need to make pop in this image, lettering and the graphic face on the wall. Suggestions? Please help, working on a clients project.
  9. Great....What is the best tool / method for the selection?
  10. So I have an image where I need to highlight, i.e., bring out the color detail while making that area pop. Basically I have an image that is yellow and blue with already a lot of blue and yellow in the image so if I crank up the yellow and blue it just increases that color globally. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
  11. I appreciate the info, hopefully that will change soon. Every RAW processor I have ever used Capture One, Lightroom, Nikon Capture, allows for viewing, not only multiple images but in diffrent viewing formats, No one wants to leave a program, just to view other files, doesn't make much sense when it comes to workflow. To be fair, I really like the developer portion of Affinity, I think it's powerful and produces great files, but it doesn't flow, which is a shame
  12. Is it possible to see multiple images, in a thumbnail format within the develop mode? Very challenging just seeing one image at time, or am I missing something?
  13. Ok, I guess I assumed all PS plugins will work with Affinity or did I miss something?
  14. Curious if anyone has used the PS Tonality CK plugin with any success? The Plugin is a PS plugin in similar to NIK, but hangs up when I try to initiate it.
  15. Well at least its being address and hopefully there will be solution soon. Thanks again!
  16. Great, I love Affinity and have made many converts, just have to relearn a few things. Having said that, what is the best way to get an 'image size" dialogue or something similar as the one I've attached,
  17. Ok, that seems to work fine, however the inches and pixels option is grayed out, so if I choose 8x10 I don't get inches like PS, however it does come out correctly, when I checked the demission in PS. I guess its just the semantics and the way the tools are laid out that was confusing me, but all is ok. Thanks!
  18. So basically as in the screenshot and as in PS, I'm showing unconstrained, but hen setting the size to 8x10, the crop handles do not lock as an 8x10 crop mask, If I chose 8x10 ratio under "mode" it will lock allowing to properly crop to size. but if I add a custom size again it will not lock the crop handles to that specific dimension. Again this easily obtained din PS. Does AP just do this procedure differently?what am I missing?
  19. Even with the 1.5 updateI still cannot not crop to a specific size. In PS, if I set the crop for 8x10 and the crop mask stays 8x10 and saves as 8x10. Affinity seems to have made this very simple process very difficult, even with 10 years of PS experience, I can't seem to make sense of this dynamic crop tool that changes while you size. Seriously, is there a hidden tool to lock is at the preferred dimension. The tutorial seems to make it even more difficult. Again, I just want to set the crop tool at i.e., 8x10, and save it as 8x10 and the exported file comes out 8x10! No more!
  20. Awesome, I'm using 1.5 R3 beta, should the profiles be fine, or should I wait for the final release of 1.5?
  21. I'm trying to install color profiles, from Whitewall, which they provided, however I'm not sure the effect i staking place. Might someone provide the step by step by step instructions? I am running 1.5 (R1)
  22. Sorry for the delay on my end, thought the problem was resolved however still unable to save the NIK filters to AP. Basically I make the changes close NIK and there is no affect to the original image. I'm running 1.5 (R!) also I tried 1.4 with no success either. Suggestions?
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