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  1. Thank you MattP. Everything is OK. But, when I zoom at "Actual size" the values on the rulers are shown in progression by 20 (0, 20, 40...) instead by 10. So, it confused me. :huh:
  2. Hi, because of the different resolutions of monitors it is a time consuming task to adjust the screen preview to show the units exact 1:1 (display / nature). So, it would be very nice if you add another zoom option that will adjust the preview to the value entered somewhere into "Preferences" like it is shown in the attachment (this is from QuarkXPress).
  3. It is up to Affinity team to see if it is possible and to react accordingly if they find this interesting.
  4. Thank you for your professional explanation of colors. ;) Sorry for my bad English, though. :D What I meant was that those RGB values in Info palette could be used to recolor the grayscale image with some new (additional) tool in APhoto(?)
  5. Corel is trying to be all-in-one app, but Affinity is one-by-one. So, this feature is more logical for Publisher than for Designer.
  6. Magic Wand can be precize only if there is big difference between neighboor colors. Otherwise, you will have to make additional refinements to get what you want.
  7. You can use "Positionig and Transform" inside "Character" tab to simulate splited text.
  8. Try this: 1. open Grayscale image in Photoshop; 2. open "Info" tab; 3. move wtih the mouse over the image. You will see there are RGB/CMYK values shown on Inffo tab. So, the question is: is it possible to use this values to restore the color of the image, and how? Just a task for our favourite Affinity team to solve this problem. ;)
  9. I am an Windows user so there is no APhoto for Windows yet. But, I suppose there should be a modifier key (CTRL, SHIFT, ALT) to add one selection to another like in Photoshop. So, if there is you should do this: 1. Select first picture starting from top left; 2. Press the modifier key and make another selection from down right to select the other picture.
  10. Hi, on the market, there are plenty of brushes of any kind. Is it possible to import and use them in AD and APh? https://creativemarket.com/Side-Project/799829-450-AI-Brushes-BUNDLE%21 https://creativemarket.com/dustinlee/795107-Everything-Glitschka-Vector-Brush?utm_source=cm-weekly-newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter-07-27-16&utm_content=product
  11. Is there an option in AD to lock guides? I can not find any option in menus even in palettes. Am I missing something? If not, can it be considered as feature request and solved with a guides layer?
  12. Hi, I locked the artboard layer and the object inside it and create layer above it, but artboard layer is still selected even I clicked on the new one. Now when I add an object on this new layer the object is created on the artboard layer even it is locked. Here is the file in attachment. zname.afdesign
  13. Hi, please, don't take me wrong, but I would like to comment about this emphasized text in red color. For that purpose I musr compare Affinity apps with PhotoLine v.19.51, which is: all-in-one app for Windows and MacOS; portable; It can run on x32 and x64 platforms; 21.1 MB instalation code; 41.8 MB on disk on Windows (without its x32 executable file which is 15.9 MB), and few more on MacOS (I don't know how much exactly); extremely fast. So, even if we consider it as a bitmap app only, because its vector and DTP capabilities are not at a high level, it is extremely slim app comparing with 600 MB of AD (because there is no AP for Windows yet, I can't compare its size with AP). My oppinion is that its completelly written in assembler. Still, I love Affinity app(s) and I am going to buy them as they appear on Windows. Thanks guys.
  14. Hi, I would like to ask you some questions: 1. What is the purpose of a "Persona >" in a "File" menu when they are also in a Toolbar? 2. Is it possible the document name Tab to be wide as the name of the document? 3. Why "Document Setup..." and "Preferences..." Tabs are under the Toolbar when we can find them under "File" and "Edit" menus, respectivelly? 4. Is there any option to save all our settings as a template, so Designer can start with that settings next time?
  15. Uhhhh, what a shame. I didn't see it. Sorry, and thank you. Can you explain to me why there is a need these sliders to change together?
  16. Hi, why a "Depth" slider in "Effects > Bevel/Emboss" window is always inactive no metter what kind of B/E type I choose? It always has the same value as "Radius" slider.
  17. Hi, It is not a bug, just a suggesion. Why do we have to select "Advance" in the little square on the right side of the "Navigator" tab just to activate "View Point" options? Why this option is not always vissible? Or, even better, make a new "View Points" tab that will contain just a list of view points. So, if somebody wants to rename it - a single click on the name would be enough, and to delete it - just press "Delete" key. BTW, Designer is wonderfull application and I can hardly wait to buy it when it will be available. Thanks guys.
  18. 3. If you think that CDR has infinite page size, then you must try ACDSee Canvas. They claim that you can work on pages measured in miles and with vectors containing about 2 bilions of nodes. 4. ... :)
  19. http://creativepro.com/indesigns-span-and-split-columns/ + possibility to readjust the columns width.
  20. Yes, it would be very nice to have LIVE flood fill tool, to fill the area where 2 (or more) objects intersect and automatically refill the area if one object is repositioned.
  21. Yes, it should act like in Freehand -- drawing straight lines while a modifier key is pressed, and curves without modifier key.
  22. Thank you Andy, but maybe, until that moment, it will be better to allow creating only artboards, instead?
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