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  1. I was designing an invoice form for a customer and I found the need to divide a rectangle in a way that it will look subdivided into columns and rows. However, I could not find any reference on the Help menu. Any idea?
  2. Sorry for not being able to name the proper feature. The panel which holds the tools (such as Crop, eraser, pen, lazo, etc.) disappeared and I cannot find any place where I can restored it. Please, help.
  3. Hi, everyone. Is there a Spanish Dictionary for Publisher in its current beta? I went to edit the preferences section and found a list box for selecting languages but it is inactive, as if languages other than English are not implemente yet. Is it true?
  4. I am restoring a picture and the format does not allow me to print a 8.5 x 11. Hard to explain but the only way that I see it is by adding more space to the sides of the picture, so I can crop more comfortably. For example, tilting the head a little bit for a nicer pose. I tried incrementing the canvas to make room for the expansion, but the clone stamp does not go there. Basically I want to increment the background without amplifying the subject.
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  6. Well. This is not a case, but suppose that I have a kiosk taking id photos. Transferring image to Designer seems un-elegant to me. Lightroom has that feature. Not only that one but many other templates, such as printing two 5 x 7 in one 8.5 * 11 sheet. Or to print a whole bunch of wallet-size, etc. For pros this is a common task. Thanks for sharing the macro recording video.
  7. I don't know is my answer matches your question. I think the display calibration is for you to see the "real" color, brightness and contrast of the file you are processing. So, you are watching the file as it really is. Formerly when I was processing a photo but it was too dark, I just increased the brightness of the monitor. Basically I was faking because the monitor brightness and the real brightness of the file are two different things. The printer calibration is to adjust for the variations in the paper, ink combination particular to a given printer. You need both. As far as the edit -> preferences. It is NOT refereeing to the display profile but to the color space. If you are using Windows 10, the Operating system is already taking care of that. If you go to Display Setting in Windows 10, find Display Setting ->Advance->color management. Once there find and select the flavor (in this case, your custom color profile). Windows 10 will use this for all programs, not only for Photo. When you turn-off the computer, Windows 10 will automatically select this profile. I was using, up to 3 days ago, a Dell U2410 which is pre-calibrated monitor. Very inexpensive, but it is a real photo monitor which is 98% compliant with the sRGB specs. This is an old monitor that I bought about 5 years ago. Superb and does not need the x-rite munki. Alas, it dies as I was installing a new computer. I need to shell out 286.00 dollars for the new model. This new version is cheaper that the U2410 but more modern. Also, this time around, I am going to connect it to the computer using and HDMI cable for the sake of clarity and fine detail. You don't say what computer or OS are you using. If you are using Windows 8.1. This is a mess. Windows 10 is more in line with color management. If you are using Windows 7, it worked for me. Unfortunately is too old. Finally, If I insulted you with this simple answer, please, forgive me. And, if you have any other question, do not hesitate to post it.
  8. When printer using an Epson printer, you have a check button for borderless printing. What I do is that I enlarge my image to 8.5 * 11. Then, I check the borderless box. That does the trick.
  9. Thanks for your fine comments. I can follow your suggestions and seem very logical. I just was asking for a sort of template that can do the trick. I know at least a program that has that feature. I guess that I have to reformulate the question: Is there any macro/trick/method in Photo to print 4 passport pictures at once?
  10. This is a reply to myself. After re-installing Photo in my brand new computer where I had the problem described above, I try the same file to not avail. I got the same thing. What I did was to export the same file to a TIFF file, open it in a new document and, voilá, it worked. My conclusion is that somehow the file got corrupted preventing Photo from doing its magic. I left the corrupted file intact in case the developers want to take a look. I encourage the community to help this guys and Affinity anyway we can. They have done a phenomenal job emulating Photoshop which has been in the market for many, many years. I have found several nasty bugs, but I am willing to work with them to make this project succeed.
  11. I am inclined to think that this is a bug. I am retouching an old photo. One trick is to add a filter layer to produce a blurred layer. As per the instructions I need to invert this layer so I can paint the parts that I want to come out sharp and leaving the rest blurred. I am no longer able to produce a layer with the blurred image. When I add the layer, it goes underneath the pixel copy, but moving the radius slide it does not produce any blur at all. I noticed also that if I delete the filter layer an add a new adjustment layer, say, to correct the exposure, the slide does not produce any change, no matter how far I go. This is a brand new dell computer with a photo monitor, plenty of memory and disk space. I am working in Photo Persona. Please, help!
  12. Yes, I meant to print the 4 passport photos in one page, and, in one shot.
  13. Hi, there. Quick, question. Is there any way in Photo to print a set of four passport pictures at once? or two 5 x 7's, etc.?
  14. Kudos for you, guys. Lastly there is a real threat to Photoshop and its mortgage scheme. I want to include my signature on the portraits that I take. I scanned my signature on a white paper but when I include it on top of the picture it looks more like a label with my name on it. Question 1: How can I make its background transparent such that it looks as if I just signed the picture with the portrait as a background. Question 2: How can I reverse to white for when the portrait is dark where I want to sign it. I appreciate your response.
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