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  1. Also, the strange thing is that on the Loupe within Viveza, the colourcast/brightness/contrast is how it should be. I really hope this isn't a bug in Viveza and not Affinity Photo, as it'll mean Serif 'cloning' these otherwise amazing tools, and putting them in Photo. Just saying.
  2. Hi, my first post here on the forum, even though I've been using Photo for a while now. Great software! Keep up the great work! I apologise for posting this in the Windows bugs section, but I can also repeat this bug with NIK Viveza on Mac OS (Still on 10.11.6 El Capitan here, 2011 Macbook Pro). In fact it's been driving me a bit crazy, having to reopen to edit in Viveza via Aperture (yes, again, old school- but it works). TIFF files opened into NIK from Affinity Photo lack contrast, saturation, and generally appear washed out. Use GPU in the NIK preferences has already been set to 'OFF' (
  3. Okay.... Back living room sofa outline path.afselectionYou aren't permitted to upload this kind of file This is a file that has been created by Affinity Photo, but I can't post it to the forum. This doesn't look good.
  4. Ha! Another 'introduced in El Capitan that we will leave you to discover for yourself' OS X additions! (It was set to 'none') Thanks! :)
  5. Sorry MEB, I've just read your post properly (without skimming- my excuse, I was under a lot of pressure to reach a deadline- that has passed now). Just before I dropbox you an image, confirming that only PNG-8 is affected (thanks MBd for this). I'll confirm that it seems to deal with tiffs differently ie arbitrary export times. But also oddly it seems sometimes to write the PNG okay, but Affinity Photo still says it's being exported. Weird. Another thing, "Open Recent" doesn't appear to be working either. All I'm seeing is 'Clear Menu', but no actual menu on show to clear! Tom
  6. Yes I appreciate that. But I had to go to bed! If you PM your email address I'll use WeTransfer. :)
  7. Yes. Okay. I force quit, then restarted (thanks Affinity for reopening my files- much appreciated!) Doing the curves, then flattening, then resaving back into a tiff, no problem. Resaving into a jpeg, also no problem. PNG? Still exporting!! It's half the size of a tiff, but even so, if Preview can do it in a split second, why can't Affinity? (maybe it's still trying to write that blue background? ;-) )
  8. I've just forced quit Photo. Taking far too long! Okay. Will try an experiment.
  9. Sorry, I haven't made myself completely clear. I'm exporting from a tiff to a PNG. Not the native afdesign file (and the originals are pretty large 44mb or so). But I just tried doing the same in Preview, and that was instant, just as expected. I was also using the Curves tool to brighten up certain images that were originally composites. But even so, it shouldn't hang like it did/or take so long?
  10. I always thought that PNG export was quick and fast with most apps. In Affinity Photo, it takes an absolute age. I've now been waiting 12 mins for a PNG to be exported. Something can't be right. Please can you fix this?
  11. I suppose I really should introduce myself- except I'm not a great one for doing so! I'm Tom, and I'm from Birmingham in the West Midlands, England and fairly near Nottingham, the home of Serif? "The Serif of Nottingham" perhaps? Or has that been said a billion times before already? I'll get my coat... I've been a photographer for the best part of 44 years. I'm a bit of a purist in that I've always preferred to work almost entirely within the camera and getting shots in one take. But recently I've needed to use composites more and more, and I was fed up with how Adobe was going (Fed up with A
  12. Hi gang. I've spent a long tome drawing around a section and wish to save it. All very good as I've saved to file (Select/Save Selection/To File). However, if I open up a new photo (identical in that the scene is exactly the same and the tripod hasn't moved) if I want to reopen the selection file I've just saved (Select/Load selection from file...), nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? Or is this a bug? Cheers. Tom
  13. I really don't know what Apple were thinking of when they retired both Aperture and iPhoto. But hopefully it was because they realised that they owned too many Pro applications. They'd already purchased Emagic's Logic/Notator, and many were under the impression that Autodesk may be next. Anyway, enough of that. Bring on Affinity's answer to Aperture!
  14. If you don't mind me saying, especially if you are developing a DAM, an 'Auto Levels' function would be extremely important to have/retain as often and after doing something like an event where 300+ photos then need uploading to a server and in a hurry, being able to batch process with the option to 'Auto Level' is extremely handy. It exists in Photoshop, so why not in Affinity Photo? Tom
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