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  1. Please, give us a choice, because changing to ZOOM icon and then Alt+marquee is time consuming. I used to CMD+marquee so much that it made a row in my brain.
  2. Great, thanks! I have also sent the same information to other major players: https://support.tutsplus.com/hc/en-us/requests/new http://help.skillshare.com/hc/en-us/requests/new http://www.digitaltutors.com/11/contact_us.php
  3. And the response: Hello Olaf, Thank you for contacting lynda.com. We really appreciate hearing from you regarding ideas for educational material you would like to see added to the lynda.com library. Currently, we do not have Affinity Designeror Affinity Photo training in production. However, we keep every request on file, and your request has been forwarded to our Title Development team for consideration. Stay tuned to lynda.com for new releases, or keep tabs on us through the blog, our Facebook fan page, or Twitter. Please let us know if we may be of assistance in the future. Best regards, Len lynda.com Technical Support 888-335-9632
  4. My letter to them, this morning: Hello, I would like to know when are you going to create series of course about future Adobe killer: Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/ You probably know that they won the highest price at WWDC2015 https://affinity.serif.com/blog/affinity-designer-wins-prestigious-apple-design-award/ I think it's the time... :) Kind Regards, Olaf Keller
  5. Some time ago I personally ask them to create Processing (it's a programming language for artist). I ask them twice, and surprisingly they have created 2 courses about processing 2 months later, so in my opinion it would be good idea to send them emails. Many emails... http://www.lynda.com/support/contact.aspx
  6. proce55or

    Astute graphic features

    Thanks. I believe in you!
  7. When I look at the speed and the quality Affinity is developing their product I am amazed, I wish they could add more features like those in Illustrator extension: http://www.astutegraphics.com/software/ - that would be a killer.
  8. proce55or

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi there, I'm Olaf, graphic designer from Poland. I have finally bought Affinity Designer after beta testing. I wanna thank all Affinity creators - this is my best buy ever. I can finally throwaway all the benzodiazepines I had to take every time I was using Illustrator. The next step is the Affinity Photo - love it! Thanks!
  9. OK, thank you. I have one more question. Are you going to cooperate with lynda.com (or other learning platform like Udemy or Tuts+) to produce some tutorials like Adobe did?
  10. Hi, I'm a beginner designer, try to learn how to design mainly logos in Illustrator, but after I've seen what Affinity can do I'm really in shock and just love it. However, and that is my question, I've learned so far, that when you do a logotype for a company, they usually want an output .ai file which is unavailable in Affinity. Of course I know, I can export to .eps or .svg but I'm afraid it would be difficult to explain a costumer, that I cannot provide Illustrator file for him. How to deal with this...?

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