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  1. Coverimages

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi I,m John Full time photographer, mainly creative stock images for book covers. Hoping to switch from PS to Affinity for my workflow (and pocket) :D
  2. Coverimages

    Two Questions

    Well after editing a few images in Affinity Photo and having them accepted by my agents I bought the program, still learning but loving it..
  3. Coverimages

    Two Questions

    One problem I found using separated mode is that my Nik pugs are greyed out with the image on the second screen
  4. Coverimages

    Two Questions

    Thanks a lot that worked for me !!!
  5. Hi Firstly can affinity work with dual screens, one for the image and the other for the tools. Also I noticed a Plugins menu in the filters section is this to be added or are there plugins for this program. Using the trial at the moment would love to dump photoshop.... :D