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  1. Thanks Dave the instruction that @DWright gave me got me sorted for what I'm doing so I'm happy again :) Good to see more bugs getting squashed though Thanks again Martin
  2. rastarr

    AP and Media Browser

    Yes, that's an interim fix, thanks Just make sure you don't Save once loaded from Media Browser as this crashes AP instantly
  3. umm has there been any progress on this at all? I've sent all that's been asked to 2 different people so I was wondering whether my issue has got lost in confusion as to who's looking at this Cheers Martin
  4. rastarr

    AP and Media Browser

    Hi, It seems that the media browser in AP v1.4.1 is broken in some way, refer screenshot. I'm reasonably confident Apple Photos is fine as I also use another app called Posterino that accesses Apple Photos via it's media browser just fine. Any help would be great Thanks guys for a great app as well Martin
  5. Attached Darren Every 2nd line is in Thai - also added jpeg of the file thanks for your help Martin thai-font.rtf
  6. Darren, yes keyboard added. I can type Thai from both my English/Thai keyboard as well as the Viewer. Since I don't actually write nor understand the writer Thai language, I'm given certain text files from which I copy/paste. Manually typing works but copy/pasting doesn't work. Most strange.
  7. email and font file sent. thanks for help
  8. Hi, I was wondering how I go about typing in Thai language characters into Designer. I have several different fonts for Thai that appear fine in, say, TextEdit but when placed into Designer using the same font, it doesn't appear to be using the font correctly. Not sure if it's a setting or parameter that I've got wrong. Any help would be great. Cheers Martin