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  1. I have saved your file with no problems on my 27in imac to any folder and image format
  2. I agree with Advanced member above. They need to proceed at their pace and not be rushed into putting things that Adobe have had years to work on it. Just be patient they will get there in the end. Keep up the good work, best value for money I have had for a long time.
  3. I've just got used to using EPS. (mostly supplied by customer) But I can easily switch them to PDF. Already dropped Illustrator, but miss the the image trace facility Keep up the good work
  4. I want to have a box with Pantone 032 as a solid colour. I exported it as an EPS into Indesign, it did not import the Pantone colour in. It only works when you use a PDF. Is this a BUG or am I doing something wrong. Newbie to Affinity Thanks