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  1. Hello designers! I have a new Affinity Designer tutorial for you. This one is all about the pen tool & node tool. It's a long one and goes from beginner to advanced and I cover pretty much everything possible. I also go over the corner tool and there are a bunch of exercises. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iowyjv8ezA
  2. Hello all, if you want to learn how to create an isometric cylinder, then check out my tutorial
  3. Thanks @GarryP appreciate the idea. I have used this technique on previous designs but I find the layer with the transparency still stays too sharp and doesn't seem natural. Thanks again.
  4. Hi there @telemax Thanks for that, I had thought of this also but I really wanted to keep it vector.
  5. I'm thinking more in terms of drawing a shadow. Let's say we have a black shape which will be a long shadow, on one end of the shadow I want it to have a well defined sharp edge and on the other end I want it to get gradually more blurry. I'm thinking the Gaussian Blur could be modified to achieve this. If anyone can do this another way please let me know.
  6. New beginner friendly tutorial on how to create a Pumpkin Head in Affinity Designer. Happy Halloween
  7. Hi team, So I've been doing alot of continuous line drawings recently, mainly working with strokes. I then go into the pressure settings and manually move the nodes within that to get the result i want. The problem I run into is this, The window for the pressure settings is really small, and the more nodes I have the harder it gets to select each node, its all so cramped. Is there a way to expand this view? better yet is there an update coming that will allow me to edit the thickness of my stroke directly? Affinity Designer (desktop) Mac Any help appreciated, cheers
  8. Hi @Gabe do you still need the crash report? I saw another member submitted theirs so assumed you got what you needed.
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