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  1. when I say I imported it, I mean I opened the PDF document like this - Inside Affinity Designer, File>Open>then I choose the PDF file stored on my desktop. So im actually opening the PDF inside of Affinity Designer. The nodes and handle are black and white. So then I tried to save it as .afdesign file, but still the black and white handles, paths and nodes remain. Also sorry for my late response
  2. I have even tried to save it as a .afdesign file and its still the same. the only way to get it to look like it usually does it to create a new document and copy and paste whatever is part of the design into the new document.
  3. The layers panel looks completely normal, I have all my layers etc. I searched through the settings etc and have find nothing relating to this. Even on google.
  4. After importing a pdf into Affinity Designer i noticed that the paths, nodes and bounding boxes are all black, when normally they are all blue. Ive included 2 examples so you can see what i mean. My questions. Why is this happening? how do I change this so that it looks normal (blue) Thank you
  5. Hello designers! I have a new Affinity Designer tutorial for you. This one is all about the pen tool & node tool. It's a long one and goes from beginner to advanced and I cover pretty much everything possible. I also go over the corner tool and there are a bunch of exercises. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iowyjv8ezA
  6. Hello all, if you want to learn how to create an isometric cylinder, then check out my tutorial
  7. Thanks @GarryP appreciate the idea. I have used this technique on previous designs but I find the layer with the transparency still stays too sharp and doesn't seem natural. Thanks again.
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