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  1. coastman

    Status Bar

    Spot on MEB Many thanks. It would be useful for Serif to add this rectification to the help menu. The status bar is invaluable.
  2. coastman

    Status Bar

    Thanks JFisher. Tried that but it didin't work. There's nothing in 'Help' either.
  3. Probably something obvious that I've overlooked, but how can I reinstate the status bar which disappeared on affinity designer?
  4. Cannot get Affinity Designer 1.4.2 update from Mac App Store. Is there any other way?
  5. Having designed a simple basic sign in AD, I exported as a PDF and saved text as curves. The signmaking company I use opened the file and explained to me that they had never experienced 'behaviour' from a PDF like this before and asked me which software I used. It took several minutes of the person's time to change and edit all the outlines from the PDF. Signmaker Pro works on a windows platform. Can anyone explain or exchange similar experiences?
  6. Agree with you Newbie. Only have a couple of options in brush edit. Where do the others come from in Jobalou's video?
  7. coastman

    Then, this happened!

    AT LAST an intuitive vector programme for mac that is mature. Bye Bye Corel Draw after many many years. You get what you deserve for ignoring Mac users. Affinity Designer fills a great big void for non Adobe Illustrators. Well done.