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  1. I am getting a horrible issue where the word STATUS (it's a frame text object) is being split into: STA<tspan x="156.484px " y="664.092px ">T</tspan>. Wherever there is an "AT" or "TA" pair, Affinity messes it up, with the resulting SVG having visibly wrong kerning between the AT and TA letter pairs. If I manually remove all the unnecessary <tspan> tags in a text editor, the SVG is clean and correct with proper kerning! But there is an even worse error: the word "firmware" (also a frame text object) is being split terribly. The "fi" is turned into a <g> block of curve code, while the "rmware" remains as a text object... with the "r" also having an unnecessary <tspan> element around it. Put simply, what should have been clean and simple SVG output has been wrecked by Affinity.
  2. In 2022, just discovering Designer... and I can't believe controlling guides has been made so awkward. If I select a guide, I can't see/adjust its position anywhere in the UI (no options appear below the menu bar like other tools), I can't right-click it for quick settings, and the huge Guides Manager (titled only "Guides") stops all workflow while it gets in the way - and it can't be docked. Controlling guides should be quick and easy - at least a dockable panel or toolbar options - as it's currently unnecessarily difficult.
  3. This is a significant missing feature that prevents me dumping Illustrator for good ☹️. I use simple macros in every Illustrator session, and although Adobe makes using their full API as difficult as possible, at least the application can record its own commands. Photo has macros, so why not Designer?
  4. Can I suggest you put links to release notes in the download landing page (the page that appears when the software prompts you that there is a new version available)? That landing page contains a nice list of all builds, but no indication about the fixes in each, which is very unhelpful. Even Adobe makes it easier to see what [little] has changed in each new build of their dusty relics; I had to use Google to find this page for Designer!
  5. I agree. I spent ages trying to make Designer export my SVG with a linked bitmap but it insists on embedding it, despite the fact I have set the Image Placement Policy to "Prefer Linked". It's easily-fixable issues like this that prevent people dumping Illustrator (despite its wrongly-scaled, wrongly font-named SVG output). I expect most people jump straight from Illustrator to Inkscape, which is free but does everything correctly.
  6. Just another poor user here, slowly tearing their hair out as they try to move to Affinity Photo. Let it be clear, I hate Adobe and use Photoshop only because my employer gives it to me. However, I use Crop to Selection every day to quickly trim screenshots (and sometimes make more complex selections), and it is an obvious feature that must be added to Photo for efficient workflow - why else are so many people screaming out for it here? Perhaps what concerns me as much, is that if any Affinity staff read these forums, why have they ignored customers for so long, just like Adobe do?
  7. I'm just moving over to Photo from Adobe Photoshop, and I am prepared for things to work a little differently. But if I do "New From Clipboard", it is an annoying (and unintuitive) extra step to have to "Rasterize" the already-raster data that just came in from the clipboard. There should be a "Paste as pixels" option in the Preferences - and it should be the default - to avoid alienating every user coming from any other package. This issue wasted me hours and almost had me uninstalling my trial version.
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