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  1. Real multi page support. Then I can wait another two years for publisher.
  2. When publisher finally goes live, I will teleport back to earth and celebrate.
  3. I think people got what you meant. As you say, the reality is that dtp has been around with the necessary features for a very long time. I remember using a great package on my Acorn Archimedes computer while at uni! oops. off topic. Any news about publisher? I don't understand why all the secrecy. It would not impact the competition and only warm their relationships with existing pp customers to know how progress is coming... imo
  4. Here here. Very well said
  5. So aiming for 2018. Three years late, but who's counting.
  6. Unless you use boot camp or parallels on Mac. Then you could use the windows version. It may also work with the software called 'wine' but not tested it.
  7. Page plus still works perfectly, but I fear one day it won't. Why one app for all? Because it is easier and pageplus showed me it was possible. The ui in pp is also great - disappointed they just didn't continue that line of software and port it to Mac. Perhaps the dev team had a falling out...
  8. Swift publisher is also ok. On pc, pageplus is still best, although they don't support windows 10 so it might stop working sometime. Xara designer pro on pc is a contender. I need software that can open pdf files successfully and not many can do that. I tried quarkxpress 2017 and it didn't cope very well with complex pdf files unfortunately. Otherwise that would have been my solution. As for publisher, I first saw discussions about it in 2015. Given the focus on ipad, I have a feeling it might never arrive.
  9. That's easy for you to say...
  10. any chance you can update pageplus in the meantime?
  11. perhaps save Ai file as pdf and open PDF in Affinity? Assuming your pdf is saved maintaining text etc, affinity might cope better...
  12. Tried most of those and none handle PDFs and complex work like Pageplus does. Just wish we could run Pageplus on Mac without parallels etc...
  13. If you don't need cmyk, swift publisher is OK...
  14. Is this still the expected timeline?