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  1. Hi there, will Publisher have some features to support translating text with CAT tools? I think, a way to export and re-import all text as XML would be nice, so one could export all text inclusive text formatting, have it translated in a CAT tool, and then re-import into the Publisher document, either replacing the original text, or on a new layer (then having a multi-language document)...
  2. Hi, please find attached a file that causes my AD to crash each time I try to open it. .crash file also attached. PS4-Controller Allgemein.afdesign Affinity Designer_2016-12-23-070746_retinaMac.crash
  3. instead of Media Browser, you can simply use the regular Open dialog, and select Media/Photos from there and browse the photos library. If you use Photos app beforehand, to set the RAW format as original (Edit a picture, and select Picture -> Use RAW as Original), you can open the RAW in AP. This also allows a kind of roundtrip. If you Save from within AP, the modified file will appear in Photos. Be aware though, if you click Edit again in Photos, it will pick the original again.
  4. detlefs

    Yesterday's sunset

    Hi there, I just shot this yesterday and used Affinity Photo to remove a few foreground objects and enhance the cloud colors.