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  1. Hello! I found a problem inside Designer. I use a 4k monitor, and I use the "Zoom" UI feature of Windows to match my first monitor resolution. All UI elements are scaled correctly, but my right-click menu is not. I attached two screenshots. on the "Rightclickmenu" image and "ADmenu", the UIs are at the right size, but not the right-click menu.
  2. All right then, I didn't know about that rule for the files. Waiting for the 1.11 with some good surprises 😉
  3. I don't really get the point to switch the app to 1.10 as there are not so much big changes and new functions as previous update from 1.8 to 1.9. 🤔 It looks like a fix update, not a milestone. Why the version number suddenly changed from 1.9.3 to 1.10?
  4. Thanks! Well as long as you don't resell them it should be OK.
  5. Thanks for your feedback, they are self-adhesive stickers. Didn't produce them, I only made these mockups.
  6. Hello everyone, I made 3 stickers some time ago about the Affinity suite. I only shared them on Dribbble and Instagram, but now I think it's time to do it on this forum. What do you think of it?
  7. Thanks for it! The window pictured inside your post have all the information needed. It is a mockup or a plugin?
  8. Sometimes, I'm asking how many time I spent while doing my artwork. So, what about implement an automatic count/chronometer inside Designer that indicates the total time since the document was created? The best would be to only count when the software have the windows focus (when it's reduced or in background, the count stops).
  9. @pangloy Which export preset did you use? I tried 2 times. 1st time, I exported with the "EPS (for export)" preset. Opened the EPS inside Designer, my shape and vector properties were still present. Did the same thing, but with "EPS (flatten)". And I got the same result as yours.
  10. Hello @pangloy, If I understand, you made a vector drawing inside Designer, then exported it as EPS, right? Where do you see the pixelated zoom, after opening the EPS file back inside Designer?
  11. Bumping this idea too. I make 99% of my design inside Designer and I have to start up Illustrator to warp my text/shape, then paste it back inside Designer.
  12. Hey there. Walter, full time graphic designer. I work as a graphic designer by day, and in my spare time I'm running an Instagram account with vector illustrations.
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