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  1. Reduced : just click on the panel you need and it will show up. You win workspace while you can still use a panel if you need it. When it's hidden you can't work at all with it.
  2. If I want to do this quickly, I just hit tab. But it's not what i'm looking for : reducing the UI, not hiding it. Another software I won't name, can do this the way I think : just click on the small double chevrons and the whole panel is reduced to icons.
  3. Yes I know about that one, but it hides only in vertical way, not horizontal.
  4. The only available option to "reduce" interface is only to hide it. I would like to shrink the interface when I need to have more space on my work area. With just a button, all the studio windows are reduced to an icon, if you need to check the panels, just click on the icon, like on the iPad OS version.
  5. It’s maybe that, I think my Windows is an insider build. If the help is using IE it explains that. EDIT : My Windows is indeed an insider build, so it's just a side effect of the removal of IE. I'm just gonna press F for now.
  6. Restarting my AD did nothing. That issue happened for weeks, I used the website if I needed.
  7. When I use the Help > Affinity Designer 2 Help, the window doesn't display. In my taskbar, the window is displaying, but it's empty. When I click on it, nothing happens. I'm using Windows 11 22H2.
  8. I should edit the title of the topic, but it will be too long to read. The key element of that "bug" is "inside/outside of the artboard".
  9. It happens only when I have an artboard, and my initial shape is outside of it. I tried your manipulation, the first time when I'm inside the artboard : it behaves like in your video. And when my clipping mask is outside the artbord, the stroke it moved outside of the clipping mask. The dropdown menu doesn't display in my video, sorry. Affinity Designer 2 2023-02-16 10-41-34.mp4
  10. I don't know if it is a bug or wanted by devs, but it's slightly annoying if you use clipping mask a lot. Everytime I expand a stroke that I put inside another shape (clipping mask), the resulting shape moves outside the clipping mask, on top of the layer list. And I have to get my new shape back into my clipping mask.
  11. What can we expect from a 2.1 Beta? 😁 Gif creation? Blend tool? Autotrace? A video editing app? 🤡
  12. Updated to 2.0.4, same problem. It must be a problem with the Google Drive app itself.
  13. What was the issue? Amazingly enough, my AD doesn't want to freeze today.
  14. Hello, 90's kids. This one is for you. In memory of Jason David Frank, the green ranger actor.
  15. Switched the render mode to WARP, and the problem happened again.
  16. I think I can create a topic everyday for each freeze I get. Everytime when I'm zooming in/out. More I use this software, more I'm telling me "You bought it too soon, it's not properly debugged"
  17. Besides the freezes, my AD is painfully slow on some big projects. I have one with LOTS of layers (I cannot count manually, and I put them in a group so the context menu doesn't help), and duplicate/move layers is getting very painful. It's almost 2 SECONDS between the time I use the duplicate shortcut and the duplicate layers appears.
  18. Sorry about that, but my software froze yesterday, and it's the same symptoms as usual. Tool switching takes a good second to happen, and my zooms are risky as it can freeze any time. But as we didn't have any official answer, this problem is still not known by devs.
  19. Do I have to pray every time I'm using the zoom tool? A quick answer would be great, Serif.
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