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  1. Been waiting for so long. And I see no news at all. What new features will we get next?
  2. How to change the object frame from this: To this: I did it by placing another object over it and then "Add". I guess that was called Flatten Transparency in Adobe illustrator.
  3. I'm really interested in a legal way to use everything I have. It says "pcs u control". Well, when I use apps on her PC I do control the PC. 🤔 So its kinda legal, isn't it? And its not a random person to me.
  4. So I got Affinity apps on my main PC. I bought them and I did use a licence keys and i did log in in this apps. I do have a gf's PC and when I visit her I do work sometimes. I have the trial versions there, but its gonna end next week. Can I use this keys on her PC, cuz I did try once and the keys were invalid. Do I have to log out from my PC and then use this codes there? And do I have to log out every time I change PC, right? Is it even legal?
  5. Its confusing at the start. But more u use u realize its not enough. And i wish Toolbar was a Studio, like in Adobe Illustrator.
  6. Interesting. But moving both handles synchronized u can see the curve changes irl.
  7. I'd change Fill Tool [G] icon, cuz it looks bad for me and it was hard to understand what this is, especially using monochrome icons. Something like this would be fine, I guess. I love Transparency [Y] icon.
  8. But, I don't need it. I just asked about space to put between colors to separate them. We got similar space in Toolbar, or separator in Tools. 🤷‍♂️
  9. I have 2 hotkeys for this. K – [Aling center] and Shift+K – [Aling middle]. And it works just fine. But yeah. Its 2 clicks. 😀
  10. Is it possible to add lil space to put between the colors? Or any other way to group them somehow? I've been using the same color as a studio background's one. But its not that good.
  11. Ok, I got it. It doesn't work with my wacom pen as well, however, I do have RMB on it. And when I move handle and press RMB on the pen it just opens RMB's menu. Unfortunately, I don't use a mouse in my work. Here is an examples: 1st with a mouse, 2nd with a pen.
  12. Thank You. It works with a mouse buttons, but "Ctrl+Shift" doesn't change anything. And it doesn't work with my pen as well. So, its impossible so far, from what I see.
  13. So, is it impossible to move both handles synchronized, with a stylus on Windows?
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