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    allfive reacted to MEB in Third party plugins install fail   
    Hi allfive,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    Currently none of the Macphun Software plugins work with Affinity Photo. Photoshop plugin support is still ongoing. Some plugins may still have problems. Please check this page for more info (click the plugin's name for additional details). Regarding the Nik Collection take a look at this video tutorial: Installing Nik Plugins (macOS). Pay attention when James click the plus sign (00:36s) during the Nik installation - he's setting a folder to where the plugin files will be installed (without this only the stand alone apps are installed if there's no other known host software available). This is the folder that must be then added to the Plugin Search Folders section in Affinity Photo Photoshop Plugins Preference window. Let me know if you still have problems installing it.
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    allfive reacted to MEB in Support for External Editor   
    Hi allfive,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    You can either right-click on an image in Aperture then select Export ▸ Original... to export the RAW file to a folder and then import in to Affinity Photo or set an External Photo Editor in Aperture ▸ Preferences..., Export tab (on top). This last option lets you send the images in PSD or TIFF (both 8 and 16 bits) but it doesn't work quite well with Affinity Photo yet since we don't support layered Tiff's (coming later), and we don't overwrite PSD's by design (meaning Aperture can't keep track of the edited image after you save it since Photo will only allow you to save it in Photo's native format .afphoto).
    So if you want to edit an image stored in Aperture (and don't mind to flatten the resulting TIFF in Affinity), right-click on it in Aperture and select Edit with Affinity Photo app.... Affinity Photo will start with the image loaded (or open it if it's already running) ready to be edited. Edit the image as you wish then select File ▸ Save - a dialog will appear saying the image contains non-pixel elements -, select Save Flattened to flatten the image before sending to Aperture. The edited image will appear in Aperture alongside the original.
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    allfive reacted to epirot in Support for External Editor   
    There is an App, External Editors for Photos, that allows full access to Affinity Photo via the Mac Photos App. It also allows access to the Nik Collection, which is a very interesting development, as well as any other Photo Editing or Display Apps on my iMac. It would be great if an App for 'External Editors for Affinity Photo' could be developed.
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    allfive reacted to Roaring Fish in Support for External Editor   
    It appears to me that the biggest problem with Affinity is not a lack of features, but a lack of compatibility. There are no presets, which means a lot of time has to be wasted creating your own which feels like reinventing the wheel;  and plugins are a huge problem as only Photoshop plugins are recognised, but in many cases to get those you need Photoshop installed. 
    Every preset, and every plugin that can be used by Aperture/LightRoom/Photoshop is an argument against using Affinity, and I see this in real life. OnOne perfect Effects, for example, is available to my Aperture, and my LightRoom - but not my Affinity.
    One way around this would be to make it possible to use an external editor in Affinity, as many plugins also have stand-alone versions. Are there any plans to do this?
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    allfive got a reaction from MelG in Does AP support early Olympus RAW formats?   
    Will AP open Olympus RAW formats from the E-1, E-500?
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