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  1. "I'm not totally sure FrameMaker can be considered a wordprocessor. " Meh, potato-potatoe... Labelling it however you deem fit doesn't detract from where we are now... can publisher do what we want? No. Do I care whether FM19, ID<whatever>, or Notepad++ can do it? No, not at all. Word can do most of what I want to (and had been more than capable for many years), but oftentimes I want something better... Can Publisher do it? Yes/no. If no, is it on the cards? Yes/no. No offense, but I don't give a monkey's about Framemaker, InDesign, Quark, or the rest of them - can
  2. Ha, ha, yep, that's exactly it, @Jim Slade. I've been using Word since 1997, helping organizations with it since 1999, and I'm using the very same core today that I was 22-years ago. Sadly, I'm still fixing the very same problems and issues today that I was back then, too. Moreover, I've actually been hired by to improve their Word templates, yet when I <ahem> politely advised where they're going wrong and what they really should be doing about it (because, after all, it's their software and they should be the leading light) was less-than-politely-100%-ignored. Ah well, we live and we le
  3. As a techie copywriter of some 24-years (and a Microsoft Office Specialist Word Expert with 27-years' exp.) I don't see how this can't be a must have. I use Word, I use Scrivener, and I want to use Publisher (this one, not the MS version), but the whole point is you make your users' lives easier. I get that I'm likely not going to use Publisher for academic work, but I guess there's an almost expectation that if you claim to be fit for purpose for books, etc.--and also as a serious challenger for another piece of software that does encompass this--then that type of functionality should be a
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