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  1. I've been finding quite a lot of objects/frames jump to the Master frame layers (x's on edge of frame) when and can't be moved unless I delete the page and reflow text? Tony
  2. @jon p Thanks. Have done. I tried to create a document with the content removed, but the problem - either of dragging a Master thumbnail into space or dragging a master file over another one doesn't seem to cause a crash.
  3. @Jon P I'm still getting a crash on the BETA if I drag a master page off the thumbnails but drop it before it gets to the main page. - If I drag and drop the master-page thumbnail over the thumnail pane.
  4. Publisher crashes if I drop a Master Page Thumbnail on another Master Page Thumbnail. Publisher 1.10.1 - also happens with BETA
  5. Will try now @Jon P That seems to work on both hyperlink and no hyper links now.
  6. @jon p I also have a PDF export problem: Mac 1.10.1 Seems to fail everytime I tick "Include Hyperlinks". I have exported on the same PDF profile, with and without. (which is another issue - why can hyperlinks be turned off at all? - I wasted hours trying to figure why my documents didn't hyperlink my clients email address. It should certainly not be default behaviour)
  7. I use Resourcespace by Montala - free if self hosted. http://resourcespace.com I'd rather keep my design and photo assets together in the same system. They have and API/Plugin for Adobe assets, they might be interested in one for Affinity
  8. Having added my plus 1, I am now thinking IDML export is not the best idea. I would however like some text editable export format (apart from PDF.)
  9. Thanks @SPaceBar I have just updated Publisher and Designer to 1.10.1 and I have tried on a few swatches and it seems to be stable now. Tony
  10. @R C-R But if you never expect an option to exist, you generally don't go looking. I can't see any reason why Hyperlinks should ever be turned off? In print they are just ignored, but if you are producing a online/screen would you ever add hyperlinks and then decide not to produce a doc with an active table of contents, cross-references or manually added links? My assumption was that Publisher was failing in the PDF export process. I think my starting point was a PDF print preset, which I then downsampled the DPI and unchecked bleeds and so Hyperlinks stayed off. I think it's something so key to PDF that Crop Marks and Hyperlinks should be promoted to the main export tab for PDF saves.
  11. @SPaceBar I get a crash when dragging the position of Swatch items to the end of the Swatch. Same happens in Designer Can't find a Crash log. Affinity 1.9.3 Mac M1 Mini 2020 iOS 11.5.1 (20G80) Screen Recording 2021-08-04 at 15.51.29.mov
  12. @Callum Thanks - I found that, it was more that it wasn't obvious (having added hyperlinks in Publisher) that they weren't enabled until after creating the PDF - and why they weren't enabled. (and More menu is pretty hidden) Could it be added to Preflight check? - ie. you have hyperlinks in your document .... OR - I would promote Printers Marks and Hyperlinks to the main screen (why print Bleed without crop marks?) @walt.farrellYes - but I guess it would make no difference to the Print version if Hyperlinks were enabled by default? I have now saved some Presets.
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