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  1. I htink the noise function isn't supported in EPS, because it is specific to Affinity. I have recently exported a file with noise to EPS and with me, it exported the color with noise as a raster (where the noise was way less visible), and the outline as a vector.
  2. Yes! +1 absolutely! I think the variables could definately use an update! Also it would be awesome to have the custom ones be available everywere else, and have a variable for filename as well. Awesome Flags!! Happy pride month!
  3. Affinity Publisher is kind of what Adobe InDesign is. Like said above, it is great for publishing longer documents. I think one of the best features is you can edit your other affinity documents (photos or vectors) right in publisher, no need to start up the seperate programs, just click the vector- or photo persona inside Publisher and you have every tool available to you right there!
  4. Thanks @PÅ¡enda!! Yeah, I usually have them collapsed indeed, I just click the little triangle left of the artboard.
  5. I think you can change the size of the image just like the panel in Illustrator. Just choose which setting, or just type the desired size in here.
  6. I can see that this is very unclear... I guess I was pleasantly surpised by this panel, it seems quite organized, so I mean a panel like that... Is this what you mean? Otherwise I'm a little lost...
  7. I am doing that now, and this works very well indeed if you have a few 'artboards', but if you have heaps of them, I think it will be easier to rearrange rows and/or columns with a few clicks rather than doing each row/culumn seperately. The more time you can save by clicking and dragging less, the better.
  8. I tried to simply change the extension from SVG to DXF and it worked, I could open the DXF file in Silhouette Studio. On the mac you can easily use automatior to batch-process this. It's still an extra step from exporting, but I guess it's faster than manually opening and exporting each document. Hope this helps!
  9. Check out this video by Elaine Giles, she does a deep dive in the export persona!
  10. +1 Yes, a panel just like the guides manager, to make it easier to resize or rearrange the artboards, would be awesome!
  11. +1 Yup! Totally with you on the DXF export for lasercutters!!
  12. I've tried using symbols to make patterns as well, and they are very powerfull indeed, but you're still 'building' your pattern by hand. The whole point of a pattern is that it repeats on its own. +1 for vector patterns
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