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  1. When you import from photos, raw images should be labelled [RAW] JPEG’s are not labelled. Are you sure that the raw files were uploaded?
  2. Just to clarify, I drag the colour picker with the pencil and select a colour by tapping with a finger.
  3. I use a pencil, it seems a single tap works, don’t need to tap if I use my finger, but the pencil feels more accurate.
  4. In my experience, designers colour picker on iPad doesn’t work at all while photos colour picker is hit and miss.
  5. I think it would help a lot if there was an option to select only nodes, only bezier handles or both.
  6. Symbol - keyboard character pad. This app installs as a keyboard, similar to selecting emojis, but allows selection of all Unicode characters. Works with almost anything that uses a standard keyboard. In designer you do need to select a font that supports the extended characters.
  7. Do I really have to type my web address etc. by hand on every single image? Surely it should be possible to remember this data and perhaps insert with a single click.
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