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  1. I got the solution to download the latest beta version; it SEEMED to work. The question is however when this will be updated in the real version and IF the freebies are still freebies at that point in time
  2. Oh s--- I am sorry. I thought the post was mine to answer Forget about my upload and post lol./
  3. Hey; 1: I can't get to the assets. As soon as I click 'Register now' or 'sign in' the loading sequence starts and then it crashes. The last thing I see is the screen attached to this post. Then it just closes and I am back in Windows. 2. I have uploaded the most recent crash report after I clicked on register now again and it crashed Hope it's useful ❤️
  4. Hey Nah not bought from Windows Store. I also don't have iOS to test this on haha Running good old Win10
  5. 1: No 2: Not running Microsoft Store I downloaded from my account in affinitywebsite 3: 10.0.19041.746 4: No antivirus software
  6. For me it crashes when I try to sign in/ register in order to get the assets. No clue what to do I get this loading screen and then the program just closes bakc to windows.
  7. It also happens when I try to click the new button top right. It just doesn't work and crashes all 3 of the programs. Am I the only one with this issue? o0
  8. Still the same If there is another way to claim these 'presets/layers' lemme know. The apps seem to be working fine.
  9. Hey, Not sure what to do. When I opened Affinity Photo I downloaded and installed the latest version. I was prompted with "GET ACCESS TO THE BRAND-NEW CONTENT SYNC FEATURE + FOUR FREE OVERLAY PACKS" Yay! But regardless of clicking Register now or Already registered? Sign in now, the program just shuts down after a brief loading sequence. This also happens when I try this in Designer and in Publisher as well. I already rebooted the computer and did a complete shutdown-reboot. Is there another way to load these freebies to my account? :) *see screenshot for what I see before the program shuts down.
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