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  1. This was to be expected, no? No big surprise for me here. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Here's another input for the spreadsheet: it's from my iMac 27" (2020) with a 3,6 GHz 10-Core Intel Core i9, 40 GB RAM and an AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT 16 GB graphics card.
  3. Hi, I'm totally new here. How can I contribute to this? I have a MacBook Pro 14" (2021) with M1 Max (10 Cores) and 24 cores GPU running on macOS Monterey 12.0.1 ... This is a screenshot of the results from the current macOS beta ...
  4. So still no news on this topic? I, too, would love to have an export to ATEM plugin for Affinity Photo!! If Blackmagicdesign won't make it, maybe Serif will make it? What do you think, Serif? Are you listening/reading? The ATEM switchers are a HUGE success and not everybody is using Photoshop (anymore, in my case). It would be another argument for folks switching to Affinity Photo if you'd provide us with such an export plugin ... pretty pleeeeze?? ❤️
  5. I’m having the exact same question – but for Designer on iPad! (Will ask in the iPad specific forum.) Your discussion dates back to 2017 ... any news on this? Did Serif add a feature to help creating a node at an intersection of two curves?
  6. Guys, you‘re awesome!! Thanks so much! I love to learn more and more about Designer every day! 🤩
  7. Awesome, thanks so much!! I see that the „line“ you used actually isn‘t a one dimensional line in the mathematical sense but in fact another closed curve with a thickness. So I tried with a straight line with thickness 0.1 and it worked nicely. However, doing it with a line with zero thickness failed. 🤷‍♂️ So I guess it‘s not possible to create, for example, two triangles that have exactly the same area as the rectangle that was cut along one of its diagonal – mathematically speaken?
  8. I‘m quite new to Affinity Designer on iPad and watched the tutorial videos. I wasn‘t able to find the solution to a rather simple challenge I currently have: I have a simple rectangle (as an example for a closed shape) and want to cut it in two parts along a straight (in the easiest case) line so that two shapes (not necessarily two rectangles) are being created. I know about the boolean operations but those need at least two closed shapes and don‘t work with one shape and one line (i.e. a closed shape and an open shape). – Or do they?
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