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    Any Documentation for Procedural Textures?

    Good to see some help in the mac help but this feature alone surely should have a 200+ page book on the subject as the notes include very vague notes such as rotate vector left or vector right as well as things like negrg(V) or scurveinterp etc - certain there are many out there that understand that but personally, no idea. Possibly some notes on how cubicinterp can be used or where it maybe even used ? It is an amazing feature but one where only 1% of the power of the filter will ever be used. Possible to add an if statement such as (R>G)?R:G etc or (R>125)?R:0 etc
  2. Symmetry with the brushes : any chance to add a feature to lock the symmetry as it is quite easy to accidentally select the lines and move the lines as you apply the brush strokes. Perhaps a right click feature to lock and unlock them ? Also, any chance a reset can be added as I like to move the centre of the symmetry but how to put it back to the exact centre of the document ? Again, a right click and reset symmetry to centre option. The ability to change the color of the lines, as they don't work so well if you are using a mainly white image so it would be great to have a preference to change the color of the guidelines. p.s Love the new procedural texture feature ... superb (be great if there was a feature to show all the commands available such as vec, sin etc ... otherwise a lot of guess work there or just checking the samples)
  3. Actually it was not visible even though I have always used the dropdown for Affinity Photo 1.4 etc - use it daily with the bitmap fill but for some reason after the install of the new 1.5, the "show context toolbar" was set to OFF so I could no longer see it. Now I have put it back to ON, the bitmap etc option is now available again.
  4. Where has the gradients panel gone, I can only create a new fill layer with a gradient and then set it to a solid color - I can no longer with 1.5.1 set the gradient or fill layer to a bitmap fill (was one of the features of AP that I really liked) Is this a bug or just a feature that has been deleted on the mac ?? Or is it tucked away in some different section ?