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  1. Well this has come a long way from my original query, but good to see the forum works so well! Old Bruce: Beatles and Paul, of course. I'm old enough to have seen both the Beatles and Scaffold perform live!
  2. Hello forum folk I've been using InDesign from the very start and am now making the change to Affinity Publisher. I use FontBase to manage the thousands of fonts I have. Is there a way of using FontBase (or similar) to easily access my font folders in Publisher? It's frustrating when I open an InDesign document in Publisher to find that the fonts are not available and cannot be easily replaced. I do not want to load every single font into my system fonts folder, which seems to be what Affinity suggest. Thanks
  3. Update: after spending a fair few hours trawling through tutorials I'm now realising that Affinity Photo is primarily a great photo editing programme but not what I need for this particular job. It looks like I need to create and save the 2 colour versions of my black and white greyscale drawings in Photoshop and then import into Publisher.
  4. It's much too complicated compared with InDesign! It's a feature I use a lot with my work. If I could quickly create a colour image in Affinity Photo (takes me a few minutes in Photoshop) then that would help, but I can't find a tutorial anywhere for a simple select an area and change a colour. I do want to replace Adobe with Affinity as my design programmes of choice, but at the moment... Arghh! Frustrating!
  5. This only adds a colour to the background. With my work I use a lot of grayscale drawings done with felt tip pens: scribbles, splashes, arrows, lines etc. and I need to colour both background and the drawing. Easy in InDesign to recolour both black and white. With Affinity I have to recolour in Photo, save as a CMYK image and then import into a Publisher document. I am surprised that this is not yet available in Publisher. Very frustrating when opening a 24 page IDML file with coloured grayscale images on every page! Hopefully, this feature will be added soon!
  6. Thanks Lagarto, this is very useful, and pretty much as I suspected. I'm working on a print job now and using it to learn Publisher at the same time. I've already prepped the images in Photoshop and, looking at your comments, I'll continue to do so. Once I'm happy working with Publisher I'll be purchasing Photo and Designer. Compared with Adobe they're a bargain and the saving is worth the learning curve! Much appreciated
  7. Hello I'm new to Affinity Publisher, having been an InDesign user since v1. I've looked at the tutorial on outputting for press and could do with a bit of advice. I would usually convert images (300 dpi / CMYK) in Photoshop, place them into InDesign and export to the printer's required PDF settings. With Publisher, it looks as though the conversion is done within the programme at point of export, therefore bypassing the need for Photoshop. Is this correct? If so, is the quality good enough? Thanks, in advance!
  8. I have a similar problem. Using Ctrl H with InDesign, hides or shows frames. With Publisher it seems that the picture frame with the cross is constantly showing and is REALLY annoying! The only way I've found to lose it is to switch on Preview mode
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