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  1. I can second the issue - Designer is unacceptably slow anyways, but it becomes completely unusable when you work on files with larger images. Stinky workaround: Hide the image, then things speed up.
  2. I stumbled upon this behaviour as well. In my case, I used "create new from clipboard" (which contained a screenshot). AP treated the screenshot as an image, not as a pixel layer. It drove me crazy for 5 minutes, then I asked Google and up came this thread. My problem is solved now, but I want to second that this is one of the very few disadvantages of Affinity Photo. But I'm sure you will find a solution for this, as usual ;-) Possible solution: open pixel based files, clipboard content etc. as pixel layer per default, not as image. include an option to convert the pixel layer to an image object (if needed).
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    Windows Version

    Haha, kirk23, just the same here: I know Macs well and there's so much that is just not possible or much worse than on a serious Windows working machine... I refuse to buy one just to get Affinity. On the other hand, the Photoshop and InDesign workflow are SO poor that I started considering to get such an appletoy just to use Affinity... We are waiting for the Windows version!!
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    Dear Serif/Affinity Team, I just scrolled down the topic list of your forum and found a thread asking for a Windows version every three days on average. Please Remember: 91% of all computer users are on Windows and 99,99% of Windows users do not even know Affinity exists, yet. Nevertheless, every three days somebody takes the time to write a post. Somebody who is not in your target group, but who heard of Affinity and wants it (for any reason). Can you imagine the potential demand for your software, once you reach out to the 91% of computer users that you currently ignore? Btw: I've been a graphic designer for 17 years and I've always worked on PC. It's always been a pleasure, until Adobe started the Creative Cloud. As I avoid total dependency, I stay with CS5 until something better comes out. I hope this will be Affinity.
  5. This post is to express the need of my company (and I'm sure there are many others) for a Windows version of the Affinity products. Don't forget that most designers, especially web designers, work on Windows!