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  1. Try using the Denoise filter. I assume the film grain (or maybe scanner digital noise) in the sky is what you are trying to remove.
  2. When I try this. Nothing changes. Pen pressure still controls brush size. The settings look OK when I go back to check them. What am I doing wrong? I'm on the latest version of Affinity Photo and the latest version of MacOS. Thanks!
  3. Can I install the Windows version if I have already purchased the Mac version or do I need to purchase a Windows license? Thanks,
  4. I have the same/similar question. Is there any way to tell AP to save to the original folder where the image was opened from? It always defaults back to the last save location. It takes a lot of keystrokes to navigate back to the original folder.
  5. Any ideas why the app store is saying I need to pay to download 1.5? AP always updated thru the app store before? What do I need to do to get the new version? Thanks,
  6. Thanks. That's exactly what was happening. Some how the active layer was deselected.
  7. Jim thanks for the response. While that wasn't exactly the answer it helped me find the answer. Apparently if you are filling in an area that didn't exist in the original image using any of the tools, you need to do your editing on an empty layer above the layer and set the tool to current layer and below. For some crazy reason, if you duplicate the layer and set the tools to current and below, the tools still don't work. But if you edit on an empty layer above the image layer (or even the duplicated layer) the tools will work in the area of the image that is empty (checkerboard). Thanks again!
  8. I can only get the patch tool to work correctly the first time I try to use it on a new layer. If I try to use it the second time on a layer, I can't select a fill source. The first time I use it on a layer, I can move my cursor around and fill the patch. But the next time I try to use it on the same layer, I cant select a fill source. Is there some trick to using this tool?
  9. How do I fill in a corner like this: With Photoshop this is pretty easy using the content aware fill. But with Affinity, I can't get any tools to work in the clipped area.
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