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  1. I still want to disable it... Pleaseeee
  2. Daniel Aubert

    Auto-close pencil lines

    +1 This would be a game changer! I am getting used to the software, and the two things I already love the most is how fluid it is to draw filled shapes with the pencil and stabilizers; and the integration with pixel drawing which allows you to quickly shade the object with textures. But the fact that you can't close the shapes directly in the first stroke, really takes away from the drawing experience. Hope we can see this implemented soon! I suppose this feature would be somewhat easy to add, right? As you can see in the picture the path does not close with the first stroke. Even if you try to make the ends really close to each other. Cheers!
  3. Hello! Affinity Photo is a really good software (except for the constant crashes). But it still lacks a simple basic and very important feature: BRUSH OPACITY CONTROLLED BY PRESSURE. If this option is somewhere hidden, please tell me. Oh and I don't accept that using pressure for the "Flow" option is an alternative. Common guys, many simple and free softwares have this: Krita, Gimp, Blender, or simple and cheap softwares like Artrage. I know this software is not made for digital painting, but I don't use it for that. I use it for render post processing, which is the same as phothography editing. And opacity pressure is very important to softly change masks, to add a bit of overlay or color dodge. So, (maybe someone already made this request) my suggestion is to simply add an opacity pressure button, just like the one Photo already has to control brush size, right beside it.

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