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    PeterinJapan got a reaction from gunda in How do you easily Stroke a selection?   
    Thanks @gunda that works well enough! 
    @GarryP Sorry my request was vague. Here's a good example: I wanted to draw a circle to highlight something in another bug report. There is no "stroke selection" command but using Gunda's Outline basically did the same thing. May I suggest that the default outline of 0 pts is useless to users, and the default should probably be 1? I hope you consider adding Stroke in the future. 

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    PeterinJapan got a reaction from gunda in a small feature request [Stroke Selection]   
    @gunda Thanks, this worked as a good enough workaround for me
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    PeterinJapan reacted to gunda in a small feature request [Stroke Selection]   
    Speaking as another new user who went looking for this, the other posters who suggested outline are correct for a basic stroke:
    1. make your selection.
    2. from the select menu, choose the second to bottom option, outline.
    3. select a non-zero radius to set the stroke thickness, and select inside, outside or centre, as you would in Photoshop edit | stroke
    4.  choose the flood fill tool and choose your colour from the swatches tab
    5.  Click inside the selection.  You may need to create a pixel layer if you don't have one already selected or if you want the stroke on a separate layer.  If the stroke is very narrow, you may need to zoom-in in order to use the flood fill tool.
    Certainly do-able, but an edit | stroke command would be more efficient and also useful to ease the transition from PS.
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    PeterinJapan got a reaction from firstdefence in Lots of limitations in Macros -- can't automate Copy for example   
    Thanks! Unfortunately...selecting the copy menu item leads to a repeatable crash on my M1 Macbook with Mac OS 11.1. I'll open a bug report and attach the crash report.
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    PeterinJapan got a reaction from Jowday in Please Make Command + Click *Always* Select Layer + Switch to Move Tool   
    Using Affinity Photo 1.8.6 on a fully updated Intel iMac running Mac OS 10.15.7 (19H15), I have the following major frustration, when coming from Photoshop:
    One of the "holy grails" of using Photoshop is that you can switch to "move mode" allowing you to select layers and move stuff around freely just by holding the command key on a Mac (control key on a PC). Sadly this doesn't seem to work on Affinity Photo, or work reliably, and I am forced to hit V or select the Move tool manually. Considering the move tool is mostly used as a "click to select other layers" tool, and considering that I do this perhaps more than any other thing when working with an image, we'd really like to get "command + click = select layer and move always" to become a thing in AP.
    In. my example, I have various layers and am moving them around, organizing them into whatever final layout I need. I need to easily select the layer without de-selecting the tool I'm using (brush, eraser, whatever). But I have to type V and move into Move mode before I can do these selections. This is one of the biggest frustrations coming from Photoshop. 
    (Yes, I know AP is not Photoshop and I shouldn't want it to be, but I've got 30+ years of muscle memory using Photoshop and it will be to the benefit of Affinity Photo if more users can easily move over and work in the way they're accustomed.)

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    PeterinJapan reacted to Fixx in Discusssion of Challenges moving from Photoshop to Affinity Photo   
    Command-T is of not much use as long as free transform is not available... (though perspective tool can substitute somewhat)
    Text tool has never been a trouble for me (but then I find PS text tool clumsy too)
    CMD-click always makes pixel selection out of a layer, regardless the tool. No trouble for me...
    True, PS way is neater. Affinity does this with ALT+SHIFT+CMD+N which is quite a collection of keys. On the other hand PS creates background layer and pastes clipboard as a new layer which is not neat. (Not to mention I get often clipboard contents pasted as smart object when contents was just plain pixels..)
    I find Affinity to be much worse in this regard.
    No there is no such thing. I wish devs would change behaviour that selection would transform to crop selection when changing tool to crop tool. Thus cropping would be simple press C press enter and it would be possible to fine tune crop selection if needed.
    No it does not. Inactive panels obscure active panels and save/open dialogs which should never happen. I though can close the useless application window with CMD-W.
    I still tend to use PS for simple destructive fixes and do AP only for complicated compositing.
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