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  1. I noticed a fairly annoying UI issue with Affinity Photo on Mac. Like many, I am coming from Photoshop to Affinity Photo and am trying to organize things like the tools to match my previous workflow, and I've set up keyboard shortcuts to help me work more quickly. Since I dislike any keyboard shortcut that toggles through tools (I just one one tool per keyboard shortcut), I have B for brush, V for move, L for Lasso and so on. What I find very strange is that, if I select a tool that's already selected, I get system error message, as you can see in the video below. I am selecting the Move tool (V) while it's already selected, resulting in an error beep, as if I've done something wrong. I believe this behavior should be removed as it's not useful to the user. Screen_Recording_2021-01-21_at_3_41.58_PM.mov
  2. Thanks @gunda that works well enough! @GarryP Sorry my request was vague. Here's a good example: I wanted to draw a circle to highlight something in another bug report. There is no "stroke selection" command but using Gunda's Outline basically did the same thing. May I suggest that the default outline of 0 pts is useless to users, and the default should probably be 1? I hope you consider adding Stroke in the future.
  3. Affinity Photo brings many welcome changes in how we work with text, and I'm enjoying learning the app. I found a minor issue that could be improved. While it's nice that I can enter some text then grab the text size box and have highlighted text immediately jump to show us what the new size will look like in our image, with each point size causing the text to resize itself immediately, I noticed that, while hitting the up or down arrow inside resize box changes the number up or down for us (very convenient if we want to bump size up just a little), it doesn't preview this size for us with each arrow press up or down, but only when we hit enter To recreate, enter some text in a text frame, highlight the text, and then click into the size selector inside the Text palette. We can increase or decrease the text point size with the keyboard arrow keys, but we cannot see the size in action until we hit return. It seems that since the intention of the programmers is to let us see the text easily if we use the pull-down menu with the mouse, we should also have the new size be previewed when using the arrow keys to select text size. Thanks for considering my request!
  4. I continue to enjoy using Affinity Macro, and try to work it into my workflow. I am a huge an of automation to save time, and am hoping that some of the problems with Macro recording (like the inability to record a copy command, meaning that I can't record an action involving copying some part of an image, pasting it and moving it in a new image I am working with) can be addressed. I brought this bug up in this post Another problem is that, since there's no way to support Applescript or Javascript as Photoshop had, we can't make any macro saved to a library execute via any scripting method, for example using Keyboard Maestro, which is a holistic automation tool on Mac I use daily. One solution would be to have all available macros saved in a library to be accessible in some menu, anywhere, so that a user wanting to automate some task that a Macro would work for, could select that menu option via his script. TL;DR there is no way to execute macro execution in AF, and adding all available macros to some system menu or submenu would be one way of solving this problem.
  5. Hoping for a resolution to this. Definitely my intention is to copy new information from a new information from the file I'm looking at, not what I copied when I recorded the macro.
  6. Found a frustrating limitation of the "command F" to repeat the last filter I just did: it works as expected (again, as it does in Photoshop) allowing me to perform some filter, then repeat the filter I just did by making a new selection and hitting command F. However, it only "remembers" this inside the file I'm working on. If I've got a bunch of files, for example a bunch of faces I want to apply a mosaic to, I have to manually re-select the setting again, slowing me down. It'd be super great if, whatever filter I applied last to any file were available in the "command F repeat" no matter what file I had opened, which is the expected behaivour.
  7. Thanks! Unfortunately...selecting the copy menu item leads to a repeatable crash on my M1 Macbook with Mac OS 11.1. I'll open a bug report and attach the crash report.
  8. I am trying to get my old Photoshop efficiency in Affinity Photo, and things are going well. But since there's no functionality for Applescript or Javascript automation, the Macro feature becomes super important. Sadly, it just doesn't record what I need to record. I need to set a selection, copy it, paste that copied bitmap, move it over and then crop...but "copy" is not something the Macro can do. Is there any help for me? For Mac users, you can get around a lot of these limitations with Keyboard Maestro. For example I can get around the limitation of not being able to record Export by setting the filename I need in the clipboard via an Applescript then using UI scripting to export, then paste the filename then hit return. But I don't think I can get around not being able to copy parts of an image. ^_^;; Does anyone have any advice for me?
  9. That's true, someone might make a complex selection and consider the document "changed." But based on how Photoshop and other apps work (e.g. expecting you to make actual changes), it seemed odd which is why I flagged it
  10. Roger. It seemed odd because any other program would ask you if you were sure if you were in the middle or something like a crop operation.
  11. I'm totally enjoying my journey of learning about Affinity Photo for Mac. One question I had was, where is the Stroke command? I tried to draw some lines on an image with the freehand tool so I could highlight something for a bug report, but there seems to be no Stroke command at all. I can use a more proper shape and add a stroke and clear fill, but nothing to fit my sloppy freehand style. Let me know if it's called something else and I just missed it.
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