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  1. @walt.farrell Thanks so much! I didn't realize that there would be an even newer version out so quickly since I just updated just a few weeks prior. Ugh!
  2. Hi! My Affinity software (Designer, Photo and Publisher) versions are Screenshot shows pertinent computer system info for this Inspiron 3668 computer: Thank you in advance!
  3. I get the 'New Version Available' on all three Affinity programs even after upgrading to their latest versions. Surely there must be a way for this message to stop appearing every time their programs are opened. How about a patch or something? I'm on a PC running Windows 10. Please Affinity, you're our only hope! (Insert Princess Leia from Star Wars meme here) 😉
  4. Hello, I've just tried your recommendation and it works! I was able to bring all of the Atmosphere content pack into APhoto. I've even tried some of them. Hopefully disabling the hardware acceleration doesn't have any adverse effects in the future. Thank you so much!
  5. The Atmosphere content pack is crashing my system, not just Affinity Photo (v1.9) when I try to install the pack. I've tried 3 times to install the pack, with no luck. I'm on a Dell computer Intel(R) Core i5-7400 CPU @3.00GHz. 12 GB RAM and 64 bit OS, Windows 10 Home. I've never had problems running any graphics programs at all until now. Please advise. Thanks!
  6. I think that an OCR feature would be a great addition to Affinity software but do realize that it would take quite a while to implement. As a recent Affinity convert (I don't like Adobe's subscription fees) I don't have full editing capabilities in Acrobat anymore. I also don't have an older version of Acrobat to use. If someone could suggest a standalone OCR program (NOT Adobe) I would be very grateful. GO AFFINITY!!!
  7. I totally agree. I've spent over 20 years with Adobe products, mainly Illustrator. I bought all 3 of Affinity's products and will continue to support them. I just hope they make changes soon to not only keep up with Adobe, but surpass them. Subscription fees, who needs that? 😃
  8. Hello, I would like to know if this issue regarding a similar tool to Adobe Illustrator's eyedropper tool is being addressed. I find that the workaround is quite time consuming. Thank you for your attention to this matter and I hope to hear back from you soon.
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