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  1. i have been through same problem, have you added any live filters? that occured to me mostly when i was working with live filters on older systems (win 7)
  2. Thanks for the reply. completely agree. but the same is not an issue whe you use other apps. for example corel. i cannot pinpoint the real cause or what leads to it but it is definitely very frustrating. :)
  3. My last thread has same issue, but i was pointed out by moderator that it was due to different document resolution. I agreed upon as that was the case, but today i came across yet same issue again, with this time almost all contraints of documents equal. Hence i raised this topic again. Also i provided all the files this time, so it will be very easy to pinpoint what's happening here, rather than guessing :) Please dont consider this post as spam, the issue is same but had all legit reasons to reconsider :/
  4. I made a thread some week ago mentioning how affinity was somehow affecting the image quality when we try to copy some data from affinity publisher-> adobe illustrator. I am still having some issues with the same problem, recently. Would it be possible for anybody to take a look? Right now i am providing dummy project files from both software along with their dimensions and dpi that i used for document creation. The very same image when copied from affinity to illustrator degrades in quality to a good degree. i am also providing with images. Screenshots are taken at 100% document zoom 1920x1080 @300 ppi Artboard Dimension Image resolution at 1080x1080 RGB color mode No sort of manipulation done. Raw image copy affinity -> adobe I also have a whole project i am working upon where this problem gets worse. Since we are required to sometimes hand our project files in PSD it create too many conflicts. I am currently providing here the dummy document project files so that you can check how different image is when copied directly to illustrator vs copying affinity -> adobe illustrator. i am also linking to a google drive folder :) Have a great day ! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1F4_wj9xb2IMbQr8GuzBH41CeMreY9PaZ?usp=sharing Edit: This post has nothing to do with any previous thread, except the fact that they both have similar issue. Also please dont consider this as spamming in any sense :) i have 0 intention to spam here affinity.afpub direct-import_illustrator-quality.ai illustrator.ai
  5. Hi @Gabe Thanks! indeed i had illustrator using inches units instead of pixels. And like you suggested i tried recreating the same with same units but did not occur. so yes you were right, it was my mistake here, and not any bug. i apologize for any inconvenience and i am really thankful for such an elaborated and definitive answer. :) ps: i thought maybe both affinity and illustrator do not work in pixel, so why would units interfere here but i was wrong :) thanks for clearing it out to me again. you're wonderful.
  6. hi i really appreciate your response, but i am not talking about onject losing color. For sure if i work in rgb, moving object to cmyk document will lose its color. My point was my image was getting pixelated from affinity to illustrator, affinity was kind of degrading their quality though copy paste using clipboard. This was the main issue i was referring to :-)
  7. hi, much appreciated for resonse but it doesn't help either. The object here i am trying to copy is image jpg/png . Other objects like vectors/svg or text are copied just fine. This is a website design and client need a psd to handover to developer.
  8. Hello everyone, i know this is an affinity feature, but it is creating a lot of issues. We being designers need to use multiple software, which suits our needs. As a result we need to transfer data from one software to another, sometimes using export and MOST OFTEN using clipboard Affinity is somehow restricting and degrading the quality of data { images "jpg png" not text/svg } while copying them to other software. This is a Critical issue !!! kindly let me know if there already exist a way around copying high quality images to clipboard, or if not, i request affinity to look into this problem and prove an alternative copying method. I am providing a proof image. PS : * "Before any suspicion about target/destination software emerges, i would like to clarify the software is illustrator. so this is not a pixel problem. also canvas size is same as affinity artboard in this case here." * copy item as svg option also does not help the situation. the logo i am trying to copy is not svg but a high quality png image. affinity reduce quality on images only.
  9. Hi @Gabe Thanks for response. The file was stored on local drive. Although, it happened first time and not a casual occurrence 🤷‍♂️
  10. "This document appears to be corrupted.\n\nThe document must now be closed" I worked on this document last night, saved everything and closed. Logged in today only to find out my file is properly loading in background but affinity is displaying an error message and the document shall be closed. all of my work is lost! here is a video and i am providing the file too for developers to take a took. ScreenRecorderProject2.mp4 Template1.afpub
  11. Sounds awesome, let me add it in list i hope developers have a look at our effort as well
  12. Well, i'd rather disagree as the point you mentioned is correct but HSL color wheel feels incomplete without it and people working on their laptops without any other external monitor cannot do that.
  13. Well, it may not make sense at first but this conversion is really helpful for Css/Html Also the conversions are already taking place in affinity under the hood. I felt it'd be handy if we can see then on a single/same dialog box, rather than switching in between
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