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  1. Hey! Thank You so much. Thats a clever and cool way to extend column more than your document size. yes i get it :) again im so grateful for your support. wondering why it didn't strike me lol
  2. Hello, i have been playing a lot with grid manager lately. but i couldn't figure out, if i create a simple grid, how can i keep only one directional lines. here i am NOT talking about dividing the complete art board into "some number" of rows and column. i want unidirectional lines "either horizontal or vertical" with a provided space "custom space, lets say 88px" is there any way to achieve it right now? if not, any workaround or feature request would be greatly appreciated how can i create lines like in this pic ...
  3. thanks to you MEB for your response, but i am sorry to say the "drag file from explorer on picutre frame" still dont work sadly. As always, desperately excited for upcoming updates and hearing for you. long live affinity ^^)
  4. thanks for suggestions i guess it's already been suggested in a thread :)
  5. on top of that, if moving pages on work area side by side or anywhere just like artboards, option was available, it would be super cool. right now, publisher feels kind of constrained, and limited in terms of working with spreads.
  6. Woah, right right, its happening for me too. i guess this thread got some critical issues to be forwarded to developers :) thanks for sharing your experience
  7. i hope this makes it more clear to see, how this image place tool does not work on artboard other than leftmost artboard.
  8. step by step description on how to rep´╗┐roduce this :- 1) Open affinity designer and create a new document (affinity designer is important) 2) on this new document, create multiple artboards, anywhere you like. 3) save document and now open it in publisher. 4) choose "not to convert artboards to spreads" 5) once the document is opened, choose the"picture frame tool" and create multiple frames on different aroboards. 6) once youre done creating picture frames, choose "place image tool". 7) now select multiple images such that [No. of multiple images > no. of picture frames] 8) As you can see now, place image tool will only work on left most, or first from left artboard. On other artboards, this tool don't place images. i hope this give you all the steps you need to recreate the issue
  9. i am sorry that's now what i meant. export persona let you create slices of document and them export them individually. that's why it is requested. thank you
  10. there is also one more issue i saw last night, when there are multiple artboards, affinity publisher picture frame tool only work on one left most artboard. On other artboards this tool fails. Yes, i am talking about artboards, because the file is created in designer, hence it has artboards and not spreads. also the tool crash even if you convert artboards to spreads using publisher, it works only on first artboard from left most side. just wanted to know if its just me lol or happening for everyone. nobody seems to mention this.
  11. oh, sorry i unaware and yes this issue is not just with blur, but other live filters as well. Thanks for letting me know about the pre-existing thread hope we will get a remedy for it asap :D
  12. Hello developers, i have this issue with affinity publisher (photo persona) where, live effects produce big white rectangles throughout the image.The same is not the case if i use live filters with affinity photo, kindly check. i am also attaching sample below, where you can see how the live effect crash when applied to same photo and same document dimension through publisher. Please take a look at it, and forward this message to developers. (apologies, its live filter not life* )
  13. Why export persona available on affinity designer and photo but not on publisher? it is a pretty handy feature if one want to export only a part of document within the desired format.
  14. hello, i would like to know how to resize multiple images, without shifting their center, or keeping them at the same spot. the same functioning can be observed in affinity publisher trailer at 0:54. thanks