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  1. Sorted a while ago. All to do with an exposure adjustment layer on text
  2. There is other text on the same page which is 100%K and defined using the same Global colour which is correct. Here are 2 s creenshots showing the issue
  3. *I have defined a global colour as 100%K. I apply it to text. Visually it is not black. the Colour picker tool says it is 78% black. PDF exports as 78% black. Useless!!!! What is the excuse SERIF? BTW I joined a post a while ago about defining a S&R scope but so far SERIF have failed to respond. Is there any point in suggesting improvements or complaining if nobody listens?
  4. Not being able to specify the scope for Find and Replace is a major omission.
  5. I agree, would be a big help when producing documents for various platforms
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