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  1. Thank you sooooo much. It was driving me mad! But all fixed now.
  2. I don't know what I did, but suddenly the screen layout changed to a sort of clean version, all toolbars etc disappeared. I've got most of it back to how it was but am missing the page turning arrows bottom left. Sorry I don't know what they're called, but I use them a lot to skip to last page and turn pages in the magazine I edit. It's such a simple thing but I just don't know where they've gone! Please help me. And if anyone knows what I must've touched to cause them to disappear in the first place, I'd be most grateful.
  3. When moving pages around using the Pages panel, ruler guides appear on the moved pages. How can I stop this happening? (I have some guides set on the Master Page, but these ones appear in addition to those.)
  4. Thank you. It's pretty simple! I spent a long time trying to work it out, duh!
  5. Please could someone tell me what the % next to the file name in Publisher means. It seems to change and sometimes goes over 100% but I can't figure out what it's referring to . File name and %.pdf
  6. Thank you so much. I did have it turned on, but had hidden the left studio which is where it was. Gggrrr, so simple if only you know how!
  7. Sorry, this must seem like the most basic question, but... I'm trying to find a piece of text in a document. Click on "Text", click on "find". Having consulted the help function, it seems a box should appear into which to type the text I'm looking for. Unless the box is well hidden, it doesn't come up. Where should I look for it?
  8. Thanks for the advice Jowday. I'm sticking with Affinity and gradually warming to it, although still hope more functions are added over time.
  9. Thanks Kleu. I'll keep at it and hope they introduce an autofit function soon.
  10. I'd like to, but unfortunately had to buy an additional licence for a new person on the team and it's now classed as a legacy product, can't get a new licence.
  11. I meant doesn't "hurt" to emphasise it. I can't believe how many functions/features are lacking in Affinity. Don't know what their development team is prioritising, but basic functionality first would be a good idea.
  12. I am just now migrating from PagePlus to Affinity and am realising that Affinity has been released while still in development. So many features still to be added, like a WritePlus type function. How long will it take until Affinity Publisher is a fully functioning product, rather than an annoying halfway house?
  13. Thanks Jowday, apologies. I didn't find your post when doing a search. Doesn't help to re-emphasize how needed this function is.
  14. Thanks Alfred. I'm missing PagePlus, I don't know why they decided to supersede it with a less feature-rich product.
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